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[JAKARTA] Transjakarta Busway - A lot of pictures

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Images collected from internet in year 2003-2004 when Transjakarta line 1 was underconstruction.

I've tried it when in Jakarta summer 2004, it's good and the city should build more lines.... faster.


Jakarta Busway line 1


Here it is Tije!

Before opening

Trial period


Newly recruited drivers post in front of Transjakarta bus

Drivers on training

Busway stop in front of Kota train station

Busway depo

Shelter underconstruction

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Nice pics, tata! Thanks for posting them online! Anyone have info on how the 2nd n 3rd line will look like? (The bus fleet and shelter alike)
Yay! Thanks for the pics tata! :D

Edit: It seems that the shelter design (and presumably the buses too) will follow the first line.
Hi peseg,

Thanks for posting the map. Did u come up with this yourself? Nice work.
Nevertheless, it's a nice piece of work. :)

Would u mind if i use it to post somewhere else?
I'm not sure about the pricing, since both services are owned by different companies. I do hope that they will have some sort of pricing scheme between them, so if i take the MRT and Busway, i don't have to pay both full fares.

About the busway, i heard that they are moving away from the "JDBS" pricing scheme. Which is good in promoting short distance travel. They'll also have to consider travel between lines since line 2 and 3 is will open up soon.
Wow...2007! that's fast! Hope they really do plan the routes properly.
tata said:
City Secretary Ritola Tasmaya said the administration planned to move forward the construction of 15 new busway corridors to 2007 from the original date of 2010.
Btw..what happened to the transjakarta website? I can't seem to access it.
Its a shame that corridor 2 and 3 are delayed. I really hope that they are operational by end of year. Delays should not be tolerated, cos the busway program has been delayed a few times now (for the targeted completion of 11 lines, and now corridor 2 and 3).

On a positive note, its good to hear that they're improving the facilities, including putting articulated bus into service.
Lol...forgive me for being overdemanding. Haha... but u guys are right, its good that something is being done.

I really hope that the busway is the key to a good public transport in Jakarta and hopefully other cities in Indonesia.
Some news taken from transjakarta's own website. Apparently they change their URL, its now

Meanwhile, any news about line 2 and 3?

Penumpang Perhari Capai 69 Ribu
04 Juli 2005 10:21:18
TransJakarta!- Rekor penumpang harian bus Transjakarta (Tije), kembali pecah. Peristiwa ini terjadi Rabu (29/6) lalu, penumpang yang terangkut sebanyak 69.135 orang. Kepala BP TransJakarta, Irzal Z Djamal memaparkan, ledakan penumpang itu terjadi karena siklus bulanan dan naiknya animo penumpang. ”Itu akhir bulan, banyak warga Jakarta yang pergi berbelanja dan jalan-jalan,” ujarnya.

Hari itu, penumpang tertinggi berada di Terminal Blok M sebanyak 13.988 orang. Lalu, penumpang di Stasiun Kota berada di posisi ke dua dengan penumpang sebanyak 10.636 orang. “Posisi jumlah penumpang tertinggi kedua ada di Sawah Besar sebanyak 4.217 oran,” tambahnya.

Rekor penumpang kali ini, naik seribu orang dari rekor sebelumnya yang terjadi pada Rabu (4/5) lalu yang mengangkut penumpang sebanyak 68.067 orang. “Rekor ini juga memacahkan rekor penumpang sebelumnya pada Senin, 8 November 2004, sebanyak 67.428 orang,” tambah Irzal.

Yang pasti, Irzal mengaku gembira dengan kenaikan jumlah penumpang itu. “Yang pasti, kita akan berusaha meningkatkan pelayanan, agar pertumbuhan penumpang terus terjadi,” tutur mantan Asisten Pembangunan Pemprov DKI Jakarta ini.

Untuk tambahan informasi, rekor penumpang bulanan tertinggi berada di bulan Juni ini sebanyak 1.709.919 orang. Rekor sebelumya ada di bulan April 2005, 1.658.903 orang. Lalu, posisi ketiga berada di bulan Desember 2004 hanya 1.638.415 orang, sedangkan posisi keempat berada di bulan Maret 2005 dengan jumlah 1.631.278 orang. (*)
tata, is that confirmed? The last article I read only indicated that they're considering articulated bus and more than one door on each station. I personally think that a single door per station is not going to be enough. Hope they do sth about line 1 too.
tata said:
@sanhen: they'll use articulated bus for line 2 and 3.
Well, its his first time insisting on two things, and good things for that matter. 1.) Use of CNG powered buses , and 2.) Operation by Dec this year. Not a bad move IMHO.
Darn it ... those operators shd be punished for the delay. They should've known of the requirement for CNG powered buses earlier.
David-80 said:
I dont think it will operate this year, just today in news, transbatavia said they cant get the bus on time this year. the final date they said is june 2006.

Hey, I missed that point. Cool, so the lines will run in Dec as planned. :cheers:
Hey, I thought line II and II buses is supposed to run on CNG? I smell something fishy here. Cos hte buses now costs 1.4 Billion Rupiah each, not 900 Millions like in line I, and the supposed reason was that buses that fully run on CNG (not just adding a CNG tank into normal buses) will cost much more. If they really are only getting a diesel bus, where have all the money done to?
Thanks for the pics and article , Mac! Especially for the pics :D

I think busway will slowly but surely make the difference in Jakarta.
Some info on the new corridors taken from

Lokasi halte Koridor IV-VII

Transjakarta - Berikut ini lokasi-lokasi halte yang akan melengkapi Koridor IV sampai VII:

☼ Koridor IV:

Halte Pulogadung, halte Tugas, halte Pertamina, halte Telkom, halte Tarakanita, halte Sunan Giri, halte IKIP, halte Kehakiman, halteBPKP, halteUtan Kayu, halte Pasar Genjing, halte Pasar Pramuka, halte Matraman I, halte Manggarai, halte Pasar Rumput, halte Halimun, dan halte Dukuh Atas 2.

☼ Koridor V:

Halte Ancol, halte WTC, halte Mangga Dua Square, halte Jembatan Merah, halte Kartini, halte Lautze, halte Golden Trully, halte Budi Utomo, halte Depertemen Keuangan, halte Senen, halte Pal Putih/Xerox, halte Kramat Sentiong, halte Unversitas Indonesia, halte St. Carolus, halte Matraman, halte Gramedia, halte Gereja ST Joseph, halte Urip Sumohardjo, halte Jatinegara Timur, halte Jatinegara Barat, dan halte Terminal Kampung Melayu.

☼ Koridor VI:

Halte Ragunan, halte Departemen Pertanian, halte Gotong Royong, halte Mangga Besar, halte Pejaten, halte Buncit Indah, halte Waring Jati Barat, halte Imigrasi, halte Graha Ferostal, halte Mampang Prapatan/Hero, halte Rasuna Said/Timah, halte Graha Irama, halte Yayasan RPI, halte Pasar Festival, halte Plaza Kuningan, halte Jasa Raharja, halte Menara Duta, halte Sultan Agung, dan halte Latu Harhari.

☼ Koridor VII:

Halte Kampung Rambutan, halte Tanah Merdeka, halte Makro, halte RS Harapan Bunda, halte Pasar Induk Kramat Jati, halte Terminal Cililitan, halte Mayjen Sutoyo, halte UKI, halte Rumah Susun, halte Gelanggang Remaja, halte Depkeu, dan halte Kampung Melayu. (*)
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