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[JAKARTA] Transjakarta Busway - A lot of pictures

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Images collected from internet in year 2003-2004 when Transjakarta line 1 was underconstruction.

I've tried it when in Jakarta summer 2004, it's good and the city should build more lines.... faster.


Jakarta Busway line 1


Here it is Tije!

Before opening

Trial period


Newly recruited drivers post in front of Transjakarta bus

Drivers on training

Busway stop in front of Kota train station

Busway depo

Shelter underconstruction

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They should create smaller municipalities in Jakarta and get rid of this over-arching system where incompetent officials are allowed to spend their entire lives in the administration. The officials should be directly accountable to the smaller areas that they are responsible for. That way the people will kick out their bosses if they don't get the job done.
Watergate was from 1972-1974. To get rid of corruption taking a defeatist attitude is totally wrong. Someone has to take the first step.
Whoa, I was just reading the official site. Ridership is going way, way up. Definitely something to be proud of.
Wow, that's a lot. Does anyone know what the largest busway system in the world is? Or more specifically, what busway system has the highest ridership?
I found numbers in a 2005 World Bank report. New York City has the most bus riders with 7 million daily, but I'm not sure if this counts as a BRT network (I think this counts all the little buses as well). The next are Porto Alegre (16 busways) at 1.75 million and Bogota (7 busways) at 1.6 million.
What's the daily ridership for Jakarta BRT right now?
Errr... overloaded? hahaha
:lol: The site is down. The last time I checked it was around 120,000 per day.
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