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[JAKARTA] Transjakarta Busway - A lot of pictures

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Images collected from internet in year 2003-2004 when Transjakarta line 1 was underconstruction.

I've tried it when in Jakarta summer 2004, it's good and the city should build more lines.... faster.


Jakarta Busway line 1


Here it is Tije!

Before opening

Trial period


Newly recruited drivers post in front of Transjakarta bus

Drivers on training

Busway stop in front of Kota train station

Busway depo

Shelter underconstruction

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so did this thing had any effect on the traffic jam? ..did it help at least a little bit?
hopefully the monorail will be opening soon...
i think they need to speed up the construction.....
i hope he keep his word
o0o...ic ic...~ that sucks...are they like greedy ppl or something...i would love to smack their faces..LOL
wow 205 buses...
that's a good idea.. korean right?
hahah niceee
dasar bego!! they don't think..!!
look at that 2nd pic, there's like no line seperating the lanes..typical indo lanes..tsk tsk
completed by december? is this for real?
post pics dong!!
she looks japanese or something
Hong kong was the first? how about tokyo?
daewoo? korean made
this is good news!!
dang! look at that traffic!!
awsome! 15.. that's good :)
1 - 20 of 504 Posts
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