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[JAKARTA] Transjakarta Busway - A lot of pictures

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Images collected from internet in year 2003-2004 when Transjakarta line 1 was underconstruction.

I've tried it when in Jakarta summer 2004, it's good and the city should build more lines.... faster.


Jakarta Busway line 1


Here it is Tije!

Before opening

Trial period


Newly recruited drivers post in front of Transjakarta bus

Drivers on training

Busway stop in front of Kota train station

Busway depo

Shelter underconstruction

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tata said:
unfortunately the word 'accountable' doesnt seem to exist in their mind. *sorry for being sarcastics*
Just wondering, how would we reform ourselves ?? Even if we start TODAY, it would take 2-3 generations to change this kind of mentality, i guess... :bash:
looking at america's history.. it dont think corruption is going ot end as fast. from what ive heard, indonesia's coruption ness seems to resemble america in the 1930s, the gilded age, with bosstweed's political machine, tammaney hall, and al capone and how the police were powerless agains thim and aaaaaalll that jazz. taht would be coruption at it worst, which would be the same level indonesia is at right now.. corruption continued to haunt america up to the water gate scandal in the early eighties with nixon... and thats like fifty years.. so id say that itd take htat long for corruption to end in indo. maybe less..
Watergate was from 1972-1974. To get rid of corruption taking a defeatist attitude is totally wrong. Someone has to take the first step.
I tried that busway once. Very very fast. Up to 100 Km/h speed. The route start from city until a shopping center in suburban. The bus can run on normal road and guided rail as above. Once the bus enter the rail, a special wheel will control the steering, become automatic bus!

I was hoping transjakarta busway will be build like this. But now I think it is impossible.

This is my personal observation and conclusion: In Adelaide, those guided rail is located inside isolated space, far from people etc (most of them inside parks, above waters). At first I thought it was for beauty. But then I realize it was for safety. Imagine a bus that run at 100Km/h and somehow a rock is in the path. A train will easily crush the rock. Bus is not as heavy as a train, so it might jump, causing derailment.
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it looks to me that rail used in Adelaide busway would cost a lot. Why not building light train in that case?
light train (tram, MRT) will require more expensive investment in infrastructure and rolling stock.

busway track might look expensive but no need for overhead cables, signalling etc. track maintenance is simpler, no need for special balast train etc. station can be just a bus stop. rolling stock is normal bus with simple modification.

oh, adelaide does not have an MRT system. their commuter train train still diesel not electric. their main public transport is bus network. so busway can be easily intregated to existing system.

they do have light rail in form of tram, it goes from central to the beach. the tram looks like the old Jakarta tram.
so did this thing had any effect on the traffic jam? ..did it help at least a little bit?
hum... not really. tram usually run on normal streets. thus, like busway, they use part of road for themselves. so, in a way, it promote traffic jams. but because usually there is no barrier between tracks and roads, due jams, cars enter this part of roads and blocking trams. this usually happen during peak hours. but of course, public transport like this promote people not to use cars - but in practice, it is not always happens.

joko, those melbourne trams is the old stocks. the new one much nicer and faster. some of the new one even 5 carriages long!! :eek2:
Yes, I saw some of the new Melbourne trams like the third pic. I took all those pics 4 months ago...
the green one is typical Melbourne tram, I like it, you can see on post cards and miniatur tram souvenirs.
Around the city there is maroon tram, it's free, like in Adelaide around the city free bee line bus . Poor everything has to pay in free ride around the city....
The busway in Adelaide between city and Tea Tree plaza (Tea Tree suburb) and the tram is very old, funny and noisy... serves city to Glenelg
If you take the free city circle tram, you will pass docklands area. That is a massive new development. And you should see Eureka tower, the highest aparment in the world - still under construction.
hopefully the monorail will be opening soon...
Some news taken from transjakarta's own website. Apparently they change their URL, its now

Meanwhile, any news about line 2 and 3?

Penumpang Perhari Capai 69 Ribu
04 Juli 2005 10:21:18
TransJakarta!- Rekor penumpang harian bus Transjakarta (Tije), kembali pecah. Peristiwa ini terjadi Rabu (29/6) lalu, penumpang yang terangkut sebanyak 69.135 orang. Kepala BP TransJakarta, Irzal Z Djamal memaparkan, ledakan penumpang itu terjadi karena siklus bulanan dan naiknya animo penumpang. ”Itu akhir bulan, banyak warga Jakarta yang pergi berbelanja dan jalan-jalan,” ujarnya.

Hari itu, penumpang tertinggi berada di Terminal Blok M sebanyak 13.988 orang. Lalu, penumpang di Stasiun Kota berada di posisi ke dua dengan penumpang sebanyak 10.636 orang. “Posisi jumlah penumpang tertinggi kedua ada di Sawah Besar sebanyak 4.217 oran,” tambahnya.

Rekor penumpang kali ini, naik seribu orang dari rekor sebelumnya yang terjadi pada Rabu (4/5) lalu yang mengangkut penumpang sebanyak 68.067 orang. “Rekor ini juga memacahkan rekor penumpang sebelumnya pada Senin, 8 November 2004, sebanyak 67.428 orang,” tambah Irzal.

Yang pasti, Irzal mengaku gembira dengan kenaikan jumlah penumpang itu. “Yang pasti, kita akan berusaha meningkatkan pelayanan, agar pertumbuhan penumpang terus terjadi,” tutur mantan Asisten Pembangunan Pemprov DKI Jakarta ini.

Untuk tambahan informasi, rekor penumpang bulanan tertinggi berada di bulan Juni ini sebanyak 1.709.919 orang. Rekor sebelumya ada di bulan April 2005, 1.658.903 orang. Lalu, posisi ketiga berada di bulan Desember 2004 hanya 1.638.415 orang, sedangkan posisi keempat berada di bulan Maret 2005 dengan jumlah 1.631.278 orang. (*)
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Fir3blaze said:
Meanwhile, any news about line 2 and 3?
they resume the construction mid July
Adelaides O-Bahn busway

tata said:
it looks to me that rail used in Adelaide busway would cost a lot. Why not building light train in that case?
tata, actually a rail line was considered but a mixture of cost benefits, environmental issues (part of the line uses a creek corridor) and politics (new mass transit system for small Australia city - well smaller than others with 1 million people) meant that the O-Bahn system was chosen.

In the end it has work out very well. There is a website for further info.

There are some interesting facts on the website ;

- At 12 kilometres long, the Adelaide O-Bahn is the longest and fastest guided bus service in the world, travelling at speeds up to 100km/h.
- More than 7 million passengers a year, including local, interstate and overseas visitors use the O-Bahn. The system is capable of moving 18,000 people an hour in each direction.
- The busway consists of 5,800 sleepers, 5,600 pylons drilled to a depth of 3 metres, 4,200 track pieces, 25 bridges, 8 pedestrian overpasses and a 60 metre-long tunnel.
- Compared with equivalent rail systems, the O-Bahn is almost 50 per cent cheaper to operate while providing a faster, more flexible service than many other transit systems.
- At the time of building, the entire O-Bahn project, (including the bus fleet) cost $98 million.
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i think they need to speed up the construction.....
and... the bus in environment friendly. it use gas instead of petrol. plus many bus have double carriage, that make the polution ratio even lower.
@yappofloyd: thanks for your explanation
@sanhen: they'll use articulated bus for line 2 and 3.
tata said:
@sanhen: they'll use articulated bus for line 2 and 3.
tata, is that confirmed? The last article I read only indicated that they're considering articulated bus and more than one door on each station. I personally think that a single door per station is not going to be enough. Hope they do sth about line 1 too.
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