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In 1652 Count Jacob de la Gardie founded the city named after him, Jakobstad.

In 1666 Dutch born merchants Abraham and Jacob Momma established a shipyard in the vicinity of the Port of Pedersöre. This was the town’s first industrial establishment. Toward the end of the 17th century large ships of up to 750 tons were built in Jakobstad.

Here are some photos from the town :

City hall. The first City hall was burned down by the Russians in march 1714. It was rebuilt in 1731. Carl Rijf built the third version, but it burned down in Jakobstads great fire in 1835.

Strengberg. In 1762, the tobacco company Strengberg & Co started it's business in Jakobstad. This building dates back to 1897 and is partly designed by famous Swedish/Danish architect, Torben Grut who has designed many buildings in Helsinki and Stockholm.

The firestation. Torben Grut designed this building which was ready by 1912. He is also the architect of the Stockholm Olympic stadium and the two buildings are almost identical.

Old city church. On November 1714, the church was burned down by the Russians. The new church was designed by Johan Knubb in 1731.

The medieval Pedersöre stone church from the late 1100's.

Skata. Old Nordic wooden town from the 1700's.

Skolparken. A large park in the city.

Beach facing the gulf of Bothnia.
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