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JAPAN 2011 by quashlo: Hiroshima

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Tokyo I
Tokyo II
Tokyo III (Kamakura)
Osaka I (+Kyoto, +Kobe)
Osaka II (Kyoto)
Osaka III (+Nara)
Kita-Kyushu + Shimonoseki
Tokyo IV (Yokohama)
Tokyo V

Day 9 and Day 10 in Hiroshima, one of the larger prefectural capitals.

Optional musical accompaniment:


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Really nice pictures, domo arigato!

Your street photography was really interesting, I loved this picture in particular:
I love your thread...
this city is so clean and prim and everything seems to be orderly.
Interesting and very nice photos from Hiroshima :)
Woaa Nice:)
Fantastic photography! Beautiful city...and looks very clean.

What is that building on the hill?
Thank you! This city is really beautiful, clean!
What is that building on the hill?
It's an art museum:
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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