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JAPAN 2011 by quashlo: Tokyo III (Kamakura)

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Tokyo I
Tokyo II
Tokyo III (Kamakura)
Osaka I (+Kyoto, +Kobe)
Osaka II (Kyoto)
Osaka III (+Nara)
Kita-Kyushu + Shimonoseki
Tokyo IV (Yokohama)
Tokyo V

Here's Part 3 of Tōkyō, covering Day 4 and focusing primarily on Kamakura, a suburb of Yokohama and Tōkyō and the former seat of the Shogunate.
The nighttime shots are back in central Tōkyō, mostly Asakusa and Shibuya.

Optional musical accompaniment:


Farewell to Tōkyō for a few days...

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These are some really wonderful pictures!
Thanks for the photo tour, quashlo! These photos are absolutely beautiful.

Japan is a country that I must visit before I die. Such a fascinating place.
Indeed beautiful and very nice photos from Tokyo :cheers:
amazing shots.
I can see cleanliness, orderliness and discipline.
Facinating city and country. Thanks for the pictures! :)

And of course, japanese women are beautiful
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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