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JAPAN 2011 by quashlo: Tokyo V

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Tokyo I
Tokyo II
Tokyo III (Kamakura)
Osaka I (+Kyoto, +Kobe)
Osaka II (Kyoto)
Osaka III (+Nara)
Kita-Kyushu + Shimonoseki
Tokyo IV (Yokohama)
Tokyo V

This is the last set, a final day and a half in Tōkyō.
Thanks again for viewing and commenting. :)

Optional musical accompaniment:


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Love it!
Superb pictures, thank you very much! In some aspects, Japanese cities remind me a bit of German ones - probably because both in Japan and in Germany most larger cities were destroyed in WWII and rebuilt in 1950s/60s style, and because in both countries, buildings use to be kept very clean and well maintained.
Awesome! Japan looks so interesting, I really hope that one day I can visit there.
Nikon D3100. :)
I guess, everybody loves Japan. Me too. :)
Thanks for the pictures.
Thank you quashlo!!!I really really enjoy your photos.:cheers:
Your photos make me feel like I'm on the actual street and in the photo scene.
I live in Tokyo for 10years but I still have many area that I've never been and everyday something new,so I can never get tired of it :)
Indeed wonderful, very nice photos from Tokyo :cheers:
Just SO AWESOME!!! Superb photo's!!! :eek:kay: :cool:
Brings back memories to my own visit back in october 2010 :cool:
Great shots!
Impressive photos :) Keep posting
beautiful collection of images from Japan...:cheers:
1 - 19 of 19 Posts
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