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'25 Tokyo-Nagoya maglev debut eyed

NAGOYA (Kyodo) Central Japan Railway Co. (JR Tokai) will aim to replace bullet trains with maglev services between Tokyo and Nagoya in 2025, JR Tokai President Masayuki Matsumoto said Thursday.

On bullet train services using the maglev system being tested on an experimental track in Yamanashi Prefecture, he told a news conference, "We would like to aim at launching commercial services between the Tokyo and Nagoya areas in 2025."

The existing Tokaido Shinkansen Line system has reached its limits in terms of technology and transportation capacity, he said.

Matsumoto said he will "take the initiative" in utilizing the JR Tokai-managed line for the maglev.
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Operating speeds are planned for 500kph/311mph.

This is pretty exciting ... remind us, please, just what speeds are being bandied about here.
So what's with the unbuilt up area? Is the track going to have the tunnel there as well?
All of the outdoor sections are going to have some sort of covering, regardless of the population of the surroundings. For example, the location of the media event that was held in the Akiyama tunnel was in a valley and so remote it was only reachable by a gravel road, but this section will still be covered.
(Click the arrow on the track to move outside)

I don't believe that the train is very loud. If the system was to be built in the United States, for example, these hoods would not be necessary. According to JR Central, the noise is equivalent to the Transrapid maglev traveling at the same speeds, and quieter than other conventional rail systems.

JR Central is still researching cost reduction options for these hoods, as they are understandably very expensive.
Okay, this noise business is clearer. So what about for urban route segments that are neither nearby nor adjacent to tunnel portals, will this especial tube enclosure still be installed?
It would be cool if they left one section open so people can appreciate the speed in and outside to train.

I see in some youtube videos that there is live please for observation perhaps once the line becomes operational it can become a museum detailing the evolution of the maglev.
I might be mistaken, but those hoods are made of concrete, aren't they?
JR Central is still researching cost reduction options for these hoods, as they are understandably very expensive.
I went to watch the construction of chuo shinkansen in the morning

P1010443 by castermaild, on Flickr

P1010444 by castermaild, on Flickr

P1010445 by castermaild, on Flickr

P1010446 by castermaild, on Flickr

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P1010464 by castermaild, on Flickr

HD is better to watch
Great update!!

Seems to me that they won't extend these hoods on all sections, as previously discussed. Only on the sections where the tunnels are close together. These holes in the panels will reduce the pressure waves so that the tunnel booms will be reduced.
Yeah, I think the line is planned to be 60% tunneled (unless that has changed), so there will be "photo-op" locations. There will just be fewer than on other Shinkansen lines.

By the looks of things, they are planning on creating the guideway to have the capability of being tunneled in the future. So, as the speeds ramp up or as an area becomes more urban and the tunnel boom affects more people, they will be able to retrofit covers for some sections as well.

Japan's urban highways have sound barriers along much of their length as well... and as much as it makes a drive along them less pleasant, it allows a MUCH more livable environment around them.
Awsome photos, thanks for keeping us updated.

That last photo does go some way to explaning how they plan to disipate the tunnel boom.
Wow! These photos are great. I will try to get some information about the hoods from this, if I can.

Also, I learned that the revenue service vehicles that will be tested on the line when it reopens will be delivered on Thursday! Hopefully there will be a lot of people there to take photos.
Wow...maglev looks promising :cheer:
JR Central gives first peek at new L0 series maglev train



ANN news report (2012.11.22):

Kyōdō news report (2012.11.22), including footage of the delivery by trailer:

Specifically in which month of 2013 shall 43 km of Chuo Shinkansen be completed?
JR Central gives first peek at new L0 series maglev train
The article quashlo posted only states winter of 2013 although I believe it will be within fiscal 2012(March) or they would not have accepted delivery of the train set since they will have to report it as asset within their 2012 annual statement.
Specifically in which month of 2013 shall 43 km of Chuo Shinkansen be completed?
When will construction of the comercial line start, and will there be any portions operational before 2027?
It looks far better than I had expected, very sleek and minimal.
In a way it had started in 1990 when they first started constructing the Yamanashi test site since it will be incorporated into the Chuo Shinkansen line.
As for operation before 2027, there was a plan to operate between Kanagawa and Yamanashi around 2020 but I believe that had been scrubbed. JR Tokai will resume admission based test runs to the public sometime in 2013 or 2014.
When will construction of the comercial line start, and will there be any portions operational before 2027?
A US news headline yesterday revealed to me a new term, hover train.
Survey shows Yamato Kōriyama City as preferred location for Nara maglev station





リニア新駅近く、列車見える防音壁に 山梨同友会が提言




Yamanashi Prefecture proposed a transparent shield instead of concrete tube because the train stops reduces speed to Yamanashi station
so does departure
Nagano Prefecture forecasts ridership at new maglev station




Nagano’s maglev station will be located on the initial segment to open between Tōkyō and Nagoya in 2027. On 2012.12.14, Nagano Prefecture published the results of a ridership analysis that forecasted approx. 6,800 daily boardings and alightings at the new maglev station, very close to JR Central’s original 2009 forecast of about 7,000 passengers. Comparing to ridership at Nagano’s existing Shinkansen stations, the number is over twice current ridership at Karuizawa Station (2,732 daily boardings and alightings in FY2011), but less than the approx. 8,900 forecasted by Yamanashi Prefecture for its station on the maglev line.
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