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Japanese Cherry Blossoms in Toronto

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Greetings from Canada, everyone! This past weekend I photographed scenes from High Park here in Toronto, during the peak of the Japanese Cherry Blossoms. These trees were a gift from the citizens of Tokyo to the City of Toronto, back in 1959. Every year it is a favourite place for the Japanese community here to gather and celebrate Spring. Please check out my SSC photothread for all the pictures, and kindly leave a message if you enjoy them!
Thank you !! the link to my photothread is:

A model being photographed:

Please visit my thread and tell me if you like the pictures! :cheers:
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looks nice good photos
How many trees are there in total?
No offence but, I think the trees need some tending since the blossoms look pale in color.
that's great, i never knew there were sakura in High Park. might have spent more time there if i'd known...
No offence but, I think the trees need some tending since the blossoms look pale in color.
I don't know anything about trees, so I am not sure why they are pale, but these first blossoming cherry trees (someiyoshino Prunus Yedoensis Matsum) always are very pale, almost white here. The later blooming Cherry blossoms range from pink to rich pink. It is quite possible the trees need pruning, or maybe it is just the different nutrients in the soil over here. Hydrangeas, for example, are different in every city. In Toronto they are snow white, in other cities the soil is different and they come out blue or pink. I notice in Vancouver pictures that the first blossoming cherry trees are also
nearly white. There are other types of blossoming trees out now, but I don't know if they are cherry or apple:

How many trees are there in total?
No idea, hkskyline.. there are many of them in High Park. Perhaps one or two hundred, but that is just a guess- they cover a large area near Grenadier Pond. You will get a better idea of the scope if you check out
my picture thread.
great pictures. :yes: wish we could have that sakura trees in Malaysia.
Sakura in tropical country? Quite a dreaming. We should call that place Nipporonto (Nippon-Toronto).
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