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Pictures from
© Peter v. Sengbusch

Danke schön Herr Sengbush!!!! :master: :master: :master: :master:

Tokyo in 1968 (some from 1964)

Imperial Palace area

Hibiya douri / Shinbashi

Night pictures from the Tokyo tower observatory!!

^That lonely scraper is the Kasumigaseki building (156 m/512 ft), Japan's first skyscraper completed that very year (1968)

Some 35 years later, the Kasumigaseki is still there in this picture from

(Bright box in the left)

These blurry ones below must be in Akasaka, right?

Ueno station

1964 Olympics!!
Swimming at one of Kenzo Tange's masterpieces!!

Night shots in Asakusa

Kyoto in 1968

There are many other pictures from Kyoto, but being focused in shrines, temples and the castle make little or no difference with today's images.

Around Osaka station - 1968

Hiroshima in 1968 (23 years after the bomb)

That's all. Mr. Sengbusch has also many pictures from 1984, I'll post those later.


Dr.Med. Tom Green
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The pics are priceless. i love ervery one of them.

Somehow i don`t see such a enorm difference between now and 1968. Even 1968 not much more women walked in Kimonos.

Some day pics from the Tokyo Tower would make this thread perfect.

Thank you Mr. Sengbusch for sharing your pics with us.

Rick Bakker
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It's funny, a forumer in the HHF has posted some tokyo series and the only real difference i see are the cars and the lack of skyscrapers

Great photo's

It's Asian-American, dude
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tommygunn said:
the red lights on the tops of japanese skyscrapers look so cool what are they for?
If I remember correctly, i think that the red lights are there to warn planes that fly into Haneda Airport. Or am I making an idiot of myself?
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