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another Porto Alegre threads:

Many beautiful (really) pictures of Porto Alegre, southernmost brazilian capital!

Walking around Porto Alegre... welcome to the 3rd world!

One big panorama of Brazil´s southermost capital, Porto Alegre.

Porto Alegre has 1.5 million people in the city proper, and 3.7 million people in metro area. The metro area extends north of the city along the highwat and is mostly conurbed, but you cant see it in these pics, even though some of the cities in the metro are quite big with many highrises of their own (check my threads on NOVO HAMBURGO)

Porto Alegre is the southernmost brazilian capital, lying at sea level at latitude 30ºS, at the shores of lake Guaíba and the Jacuí River Delta. Lake Guaíba itself a few kilometers south becomes the Patos Lagoon, largest lagoon in the world (you can clearly see the Patos Lagoon in the south of Brazil in Google Earth, and north of it, the urban stain of Porto Alegre metro.

Pictures Copyright to Henrique do Amaral and his book "Porto Alegre vista do Céu".
Photos scanned by forumer PortoImagem (visit his site

The downtown area is very crowded and busy, but has lots of rundown buildings. Although there are many commercial buildings, there are also a lot of residentials. Most of downtown are buildings from the 50s, 60s and 70s. Due to lax zoning laws, companies find it cheaper to build new modern buildings outside of downtown, in other neighborhoods, than to buy and demolish entire buildings in downtown.

1. General view of east downtown, from Guaíba Lake, with Conceição Viaducts

2. Downtown general view

3. Admnistrative Center of the State

4. Downtown at background

5. The chaotic downtown... a residential downtown area in the west of downtown. Much better from streetlevel

Panoramic view



8. A traditional view of the city, with the Farroupilha (Redenção) Park in foreground


9. Moinhos de Vento neighborhood, Moinhos de Vento Park and a tennis court built for the Davis Cup (this picture is from 1998)

10. Moinhos de Vento Hospital, the most traditional private hospital in the city (new buildings in foreground, the old buildings in the back)



13. Floresta neighborhood with Shopping Total (an old brewery factory transformed into a mall) in foreground and Cristóvão Colombo avenue

Internacional and Grêmio Stadiums (both stadiums are a bit old, Gremio´s from 1953 and Inter´s from 1970)

14. Beira Rio Stadium- Internacional - with downtown at background

15. Olímpico Monumental Stadium- Grêmio, Downtown at background

Other pics

16. North Zone - Assis Brasil Av. - Triângulo Bus Terminal and Boulevard Strip Center Mall

17. Ipanema neighborhood- south zone, almost entirely residential, middle class houses. It also has a lake beach. Ipanema is a newer neighborhood and got its name from the famous (ocean) beach in Rio de Janeiro

18. Menino Deus Neighborhood

19. Cidade Baixa (Lower City) neighborhood with João Pessoa Av. in highlight

20. Cristal Neighborhood, with Hipodrome and BIG Hipermarket. This neighborhood has a few shanties as you can see. Damn, these hipodromes are fucking big. Look the size of the buses.

21. Boa Vista neighborhood and part of Três Figueiras neighborhood

22. Bela Vista neighborhood

23. Bela Vista neighborhood (looking in west direction, since you can see the lake at background, with 3rd Perimetral Av. and viaduto over Nilo Peçanha Av. (quite nice viaduct actually, with elevators and escalators)

24. International Airport Salgado Filho

25. Santa Teresa Hill and its middle class lowrise condos

26. Neighborhoods Santa Cecília, Petrópolis, etc... with Protásio Alves Av. and Hospital de Clínicas in highlight
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