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Client: Sisban
Location: Jeddah, KSA
Size: 400,000sf
Program: 450-key 5-star hotel, F&B Amenities, Retail, Structured Parking
Cost: Confidential
Status: Design Development phase

RAFT Project Team: R. Anthony Fieldman, Christian Kotzamanis, Laura Grieser, Charleen Chae

Jeddah is a desert city perched on the edge of the Red Sea. It receives 2 inches of rain per year, and has an annual mean temperature of 83F, the result of which is that outdoor activity is most common at night when relief is possible.

The Swissotel Jeddah project imagines an urban oasis that is vertically removed from the din of the street and whose functions center around two gardens – one green and one blue that offer visitors respite from both the city and its punishing heat, 24 hours a day. Sitting atop a two-story retail and service podium, the hotel’s public indoor and tempered outdoor spaces enjoy uninterrupted views and contiguous cross-function through and around the oasis gardens.

The seven-floor hotel volume comprises 450 keys, each of which offers hotel guest a bay window and a balcony for quiet repose, to augment the hospitality experience and further distinguish Swissotel’s guest offering. The hotel keys’ 45-degree window/balcony orientation allows 180-degree views from each room and a clearer view of King Fahd’s Fountain – the world’s highest, at 1,024 ft and located just 1 mile away, in the Red Sea.

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