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"The Jerónimos Monastery is generally referred to as the "jewel" of Manueline architecture. The unique and beautiful Manueline style draws together architectural elements of the late Gothic and Renaissance periods, and associates them with the symbols of the king, Christianity and the natural world.

Chroniclers, historians, travellers and artists have written about the Monastery. It was a shelter, and final resting place for kings, and, later, for poets. Today it is seen not only as a notable piece of architecture, but as an integral part of Portuguese culture and identity. It was declared a National Historic Building in 1907 and UNESCO classified it as a "World Cultural Heritage Site" in 1984." (1)

(1) in Jerónimos Monastery Website:



Cloister, 1st floor

Chapter Room

Dinning Hall

Cloister, 2nd floor

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