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Azrieli Malcha Mall Tower
the new plan for Azrieli mall: extended retail avenue along the street,
and 21 floors, 30,000 sqm office tower

הקניון המצליח בישראל בדרך להתרחב לרחוב
הוועדה המחוזית הורתה לקבוצת עזריאלי, המחזיקה בבעלות על הקניון, לעשות שינויים מהותיים
בתוכנית ההרחבה. התוכנית תכלול טיילת שלאורכה ניתן יהיה להקים אלפי מ"ר של שטחי מסחר,
ובנוסף מגדל משרדים בן 21 קומות שייבנה מעל הקניון. מדובר בחלק ממגמה לצמצום שטחי המסחר בקניונים

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Actually not one, its three towers
office tower
senior living residences
municipal services tower

דיירים חדשים: שינוי ענק בקניון מלחה בירושלים
הוועדה אישרה במסגרת הדיון את הרחבת שטחי המסחר בקניון בכ-22 אלף מ"ר ברוטו. את שטחי התעסוקה, הממוקמים בשלוש
הקומות שמעל הקניון, ומתפרסים כיום על סך של שלוש אלף מ"ר ברוטו, אישרה הוועדה להגדיל ב-36 אלף מ"ר ברוטו נוספים, כך ששטח
התעסוקה הכולל במתחם, לאחר הרחבתו, יעמוד על כ-39 אלף מ"ר. עוד אישרה הוועדה המחוזית את הקמתו
של מתחם דיור מוגן ואגף סיעודי בצמוד לקניון, בשטח של כ-40 אלף מ"ר ברוטו, עד 300 יחידות דיור.

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Azrieli plans adding stores facing the street, a 21-floor office tower and sheltered housing to the Malcha mall.

The trend towards strengthening urban trade and reducing commercial space in shopping malls is also reaching Israel's
most successful shopping mall. The Jerusalem District Planning and Building Commission.. deposited ..
a plan for expanding the Malcha Mall, owned by Azrieli Group Ltd. (TASE: AZRG), in southwestern Jerusalem.

Azrieli sought to expand the commercial space in the existing mall, one of the most successful malls in Israel for many years.
Already in the initial discussions about the plan, however, the DPC ordered Azrieli to make substantial changes in its plan
by substantially cutting the amount of commercial space it was seeking to add to the mall and moving
most of the added space outside it. This order is part of a growing trend in recent years of diverting commerce
from indoor shopping malls to urban street commerce.

In the plan approved for deposit by the District Planning and Building Commission, Azrieli will for the first time establish
commercial space with an external façade towards the street and will build a promenade along which thousands
of square meters of commercial space can be built. In addition, the plan includes a 21-floor office tower above
the mall with 30,000 square meters of space and a public building that will be given to the Jerusalem municipality.

The Malcha Mall, which covers 50 dunam (12.5 acres), currently contains 36,000 square meters. In January 2018,
Azrieli completed an NIS 80 million two-year comprehensive renovation of the public space in the mall. The deposited
plan includes 7,500 square meters of additional space within the mall and 4,200 square meters of space outside
the mall to be built along the street and the new promenade that will be built. 6,000 square meters of business space
will be built within the mall.
Also approved was construction of a sheltered housing building with 300 housing units, four nursing departments,
and 40,000 square meters of space. Azrieli Group has been trying to build up its sheltered accommodations business
in recent years.

The approved space is far less than the commercial space that Azrieli Group wanted to add to the existing mall,
while the added business space approved was not requested at all. The DPC supports construction of commercial
space along the street to replace the side walls surrounding the existing mall. In addition, since the mall is close to
the approved route of the light rail on which construction work is scheduled to begin in 2019, it was decided
to reduce the number of parking spaces for the added commercial and offices space from one parking space for
each 22 square meters in the mall at present to one parking space for each 280 square meters.

"Commerce should take place in the streets"

Jerusalem City Councilperson Ofer Berkovich, a member of the Jerusalem DPC said, "The plan is a proper one that will
allow construction of sheltered housing for senior citizens and create 40,000 square meters of modern business
and office space. I demanded the construction of the first business space according to the public interest.
The commercial space should be reduced, given our concept of strengthening the town center, Talpiot, and streets
such as Emek Refaim and Beit Lehem. Commerce should take place in city streets. I demanded parking spaces
according to standard for people coming to the area until the light railway is built and the allocation of some of
the public buildings for the benefit of residents of Malcha so that they will benefit fro the project."

Published by Globes [online], Israel business news - [url] - on July 17, 2018[/URL]

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Additional floors:
New plan for 30 FL + 15 FL office towers + 24 FL residential,7340,L-3784833,00.html

עיריית ירושלים תומכת בתוכנית קבוצת עזריאלי להרחבת קניון מלחה
הקניון יורחב ויכלול שטחי מסחר נוספים במפלסים הקיימים ובעיבוי הדופן ההיקפית.
במתחם יוקמו שני מגדלי משרדים בני 15 ו-30 קומות ומגדל לדיור מוגן בן 24 קומות
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