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Job opportunities in Somalia - list and info.

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Let's share interesting vacancies, for those that might consider taking time off, and return in the near future and still get paid:

1. Somali Linguist - MOSAIC Technologies Group - Somalia - MOSAIC’s Rapid Growth: Established in 2005, MOSAIC is a quickly growing 100% Veteran-Owned and Operated Certified 8(a) Small Business with over 80 employees and offices in Baltimore/Washington Area -- Source

2. Finance Manager - Ska Group - The Finance Manager is a professional responsible for advising and supporting the company by enabling it to make sound business choices. Source
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3. Software-Engineer - Hargeisa - U-Tell FZC is looking for a young, talented, analytical software engineer / programmer for their Information Technology division. Short listed candidate will have to perform variety of software development and programming assignments. Required knowledge and skills must have good practical understanding of object oriented concepts, Web Services, Socket Programming, Interface Programming, and Database Programming with experience of implementation in Java -- Source
^ You thinking of getting a job there? ;)

I know someone from my school who got a job with the TFG, he was connected to the PM...he's a liaison or something, he gets to go on trips with them to places like Addis Ababa, Nairobi, London, Istanbul, kid got the jackpot (although he also spends lots of time in Xamar, which may or may not be ideal for many).
Nope, I'm getting my own Inc here, before I branch out to Mog-City, Hargeisa, and Bosaso. I learned from my parents how to run a business; my idea is pretty unique and it won't be long before I got the budget secured.

This forum has a strong search-engine presence, so since many are returning home, (a trend that will continue in bigger numbers in the coming months), why not get paid while you're at it?

Let's hook you up with a structural engineer vacancy. :D
LOL, structural engineering is actually not my expertise, industrial is. :laugh:

Hope all works well for you though! Start your own hustle is the way.
Ah, Industrial. I knew it was either that or the other, we definitely could use alot of your types in the reconstruction.

4. Organizational Management Expert - The consultant will work in close collaboration with the HR team under the administration and the development department; will report to the director of administration in the Ministry of Interior. -- Source
5. Human Resources Management Expert - The Commission is seeking a qualified candidate to help develop its organizational structure, build the capacity of its staff and develop management policies and systems for the civil service, including advice on conducting transparent recruitment; the expert will also oversee the civil service survey exercise. -- The QUESTS-MIDA participant will be based in Garowe, and will report to the Director General of the Commission. The participant will be expected to work closely with civil servants in the Commission, and with representatives from the Ministry of Labour Youth and Sports where applicable. -- Source
I'm about to go into university and I'm looking for a future career and I want it to be something that will help Somalia in the future does anyone have any recommendation?
I'm about to go into university and I'm looking for a future career and I want it to be something that will help Somalia in the future does anyone have any recommendation?
Takar, its very good that you get an education, but I'll say to you choose something YOU like and want. Don't worry about back home now. Adigu mark more dalkaad joogtid wax ka naqo, then I'm 100% sure you will and can help your country.
Takar, you've just had some good advice from UrbanDesign there. Regardless of what you choose to study, I'm sure there will be some way in which you can contribute towards your country so don't make that your reason for choosing to study a specific subject/degree. Do something that you enjoy because if you do something that you enjoy, you are more likely to excel in it.
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