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JOHAR TOWN | Emporium Mall by Nishat Group | MIX | 2.75 million sq. ft. | Complete

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Architect Aedas has been appointed to design a 2.1m ft2 retail and entertainment park in Lahore, Pakistan.

The Crystals scheme includes cinemas, food courts, a hotel, retail space and wedding facilities.

The design is inspired by Pakistani jewellery design and craftsmanship.

Marcus Wilkins, Aedas divisional diector, said: “There has been an increase in demand for retail space in Lahore, essentially due to the large population increase and growth of diverse income groups. Aedas is delighted to play its role in helping the city to meet this demand as well as create a significant catalyst for the ongoing development of the area.

“The arrival of the scheme will form a striking backdrop for the area. The Aedas concept of colours, colours and textiles has been inspired by the rich jewelry design and craftsmanship that Pakistan is historically renowned for. We thought this was particularly apt as Lahore is renowned as the cultural capital of Pakistan.”

Crystals forms phase one of the Expo site masterplan in the south western region of Lahore.

Start on site is scheduled for March 2013 and will be completed within a three year timescale.


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I think this design is for the one in india, as the line over the picture reads,"Architect appointed to design entertainment park in India, including cinema, food court and facilities for weddings"
I think they're just confused about whether Lahore is in India or Pakistan.

No city name in title? :) Mod plz add Lahore in there and what's the size of Dolmen and The centaurus in sq ft?
Dolmen is 550,000 sq. ft. and Centaurus is 400,000 sq. ft. If this is 2.1 million sq. ft. then it will be four times the size of Dolmen.
Could it be that site that was for sale for a hotel? I remember mentioning that it would be a great site for a shopping mall:

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An old post by me:

Okay, I found it:,+Lahore+District,+Punjab,+Pakistan&t=m&z=16

It's a beautiful site for a shopping mall in my view. I want it.
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LDA’s Trade Centre auctioned for Rs 2.17b

LAHORE - A hotel site of Lahore Development Authority (LDA), measuring 118 kanals, was auctioned for Rs2.177 billion on Monday.

The plot is situated in the planned Finance and Trade Centre, spreading over an area of 1123 kanals near Expo Centre in Johar Town, Lahore. Reserve price for the plot had been fixed as Rs One crore and 40 laks per kanal where as it was auctioned in one crore, 84 laks and fifty thousand rupees per kanal.

Severe competition between the bidders was witnessed at this occasion. Ms Nishat Hotels and Properties Limited offered the maximum bid for purchasing this plot whereas Ms. Daewoo Sapphire Consortium remained at the second position.

The auction proceedings were held at LDA Community Centre, 239-A New Muslim Town and were supervised by the Vice Chairman LDA, Aamir Asghar Dar. Members of LDA’s auction committee including Chief Metropolitan Planner Waseem Ahmad Khan, Director Estate Management One Muhammad Numan Khan, Director Finance Zaheer Asghar Rana, Director Estate Management Qaid-e-Azam Town Mian Mazhar Iqbal and Director Land Development One of LDA Imran Raza Abbasi conducted the auction.

The Governing Body of Lahore Development Authority has already permitted other uses of this hotel site including setting up of an Inter City Bus Terminal, a D-Class Bus Stand for indefinite period, Super Store, Shopping Centre and provision of other allied facilities. Lahore Development Authority has also decided to relax building bye laws for encouraging construction of high rise buildings in this new hub of business in the provincial metropolis.
The ad mentions 118 Kanals. That's just 59,000 sq. ft :dunno:
You're calculating based on square meters.

118 kanals = 14.75 acres = 642,510 sq.ft.

If the project has several floors they can fit 2.1 million acres in it - that's assuming it's the same site.
oh ****, I forgot, it's not 59,000 sq. ft, it's 59k sq. yards. Which means 531,000 sq. ft.

1 Kanal = 500 sq. yards.
You're still off a bit. One kanal = 1/8 of an acre = 0.125 acre = 505.857 sq. meters = 605 sq. yd. = 5445 sq. ft.
Another hyperstar coming up! :)

Mall area is now 2.4 m to 2.8 million.
That 2.8 million will include all the built-up area, which includes the office tower and parking space. Even if the mall is half that size at 1.4 million sq. ft. it would still make it one of the largest malls in the world. Maybe one of the top 50.
Looking at the area of expo center on google maps.

There doesn't seem to be any area that big. It will probably just fit into one of those empty blocks next to the expo center which arnt that big.
That area marked for a five star hotel is the site for this project and is 12.5 acres.

Yeah, those renders are for another project. It might be a while before they're ready for this one. But they'll probably be just as good.
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so there working on 2 mega malls then?
That Packages project is probably not moving forward while Crystals is. By the time it's designed and approved there'll be a new government and, assuming the economy is getting better, the project might get built.
So mall will be of 9 floors above ground (GF + 8 floors) and 3 basements, they why they are saying it will be of 11 levels??
They're counting the basement levels also, but didn't count it correctly.

GF + 8F + 3B = 12 floors total (9 above ground).

I would like to know the size of the mall. Anything with 1 million sq. ft. or above retail space would be a big mall by international standards.
Is it just the mall ?

Why are AEDAS showing this render ?
It's some other project. Even the shape of the land in the render is different from the project site.
btw why they are constructing it away from the main city near expo center it should be somewhere near mall road, jail road, gulberg, main boulevard, ferozpur road or MM Alam road
Because 15 acres of land is impossible to find in the center of the the city, and if it was available the price would be far higher. They've already paid $22 million for this.

Although many international cities have downtown malls the vast majority of them are built in the suburbs. Toronto has a large mall downtown but NYC doesn't.
We need to find the source for those renders and post them here.
^^ Someone write to him and ask for renders.
The renders in urbanpk are official conseptual renders.
Can we find copies without the urbanpk logos? If not, maybe we can still post them here.
They are only conseptual renders and might change, I think we should wait until the architects launch the official renders of the project. But at the end of the day it is upto you if you wanna post them here or not. :)
i don't mind posting conseptual renders but where did urbanpk get them from? Can we find out and get them too? I would prefer to post them without the urbanpk logos.
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