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JOHAR TOWN | Emporium Mall by Nishat Group | MIX | 2.75 million sq. ft. | Complete

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Architect Aedas has been appointed to design a 2.1m ft2 retail and entertainment park in Lahore, Pakistan.

The Crystals scheme includes cinemas, food courts, a hotel, retail space and wedding facilities.

The design is inspired by Pakistani jewellery design and craftsmanship.

Marcus Wilkins, Aedas divisional diector, said: “There has been an increase in demand for retail space in Lahore, essentially due to the large population increase and growth of diverse income groups. Aedas is delighted to play its role in helping the city to meet this demand as well as create a significant catalyst for the ongoing development of the area.

“The arrival of the scheme will form a striking backdrop for the area. The Aedas concept of colours, colours and textiles has been inspired by the rich jewelry design and craftsmanship that Pakistan is historically renowned for. We thought this was particularly apt as Lahore is renowned as the cultural capital of Pakistan.”

Crystals forms phase one of the Expo site masterplan in the south western region of Lahore.

Start on site is scheduled for March 2013 and will be completed within a three year timescale.


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I think this design is for the one in india, as the line over the picture reads,"Architect appointed to design entertainment park in India, including cinema, food court and facilities for weddings"
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I had a question about expo centre, are hall 3 and 4 under construction? it sure looks like it on good map.
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Any info about size of Lucky one mall u/c in Karachi? It will be a 3 level high end mall and area is big. Hyper-star coming there.

High end big malls:

Dolmen city

Lucky One in the list or not????
Going by their renders, Lucky One mall will be top notch :cheers:
I love the design, nothing like it in Pakistan right now.
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Finally!! Sexy lookin exterior, might even beat dolmen mall.
I think this is copied of some shopping mall from ARAB country check the render picture a Arab national is there.
:bash: there are people from all over the earth in that picture, not just Arabs.
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Brands list is a bit of put down for me, expected more international brands.
.n does the project has any 1/2 bed room apartments for sale.
It's a shopping mall :lol:
One of the best Malls in the world by the looks of it.
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VIP guests can also have their meals or snacks delivered on the press of a button by a personal butler to their comfy reclining lounge seats.
This is awesome :cheers:
Render? pics?
This would be appreciated.
Edit: These seem to be the renders

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Mall is not bigger than Emporium... but looks fantastic MASHA ALLAH....
Construction started?
Looks way bigger than Emporium. Doesn't seem like it, construction site is empty.
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