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JOHAR TOWN | Expo Center, Finance and Trade Centre (FTC) | 400 + 1100 Kanal

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Lahore Development Authority has established the first ever planned business hub of international standard, Finance and Trade Centre, Lahore, over an area of 1123 kanals, near Expo Centre, Johar Town.

The site is close to Lahore Canal, Motorway, Southern Bypass, Rai-Wind Road, Multan Road and other major intercity roads of the provincial metropolis for facilitating easy movement of business community from other cities. Specialized facilities for carrying out different types of major businesses have been provided in the area for making it a nucleus of commercial activities in the second largest city of Pakistan.

LDA has plans to link the FTC to LRR southern loop through a 16.6 Km 10 lane road running parallel to Canal Road. And to construct a 4.8Km Structure road leading to Khayaban-e-Jinnah.

Current Status
For the year 2016-17, LDA earmarked Rs. 390 mn for provision of water supply, sewrage system and improvement of road network in FTC. Currently they are working on adding a 4 lane road along the east edge of FTC.

Site Plan

Known Projects
Expo Center Lahore | Completed
Site: Expo Site, 400 Kanal
Expo Center
Envisioned Expo Tower
Envisioned Expo Hotel

Emporium Mall | Completed
Owner: Nishat Group
Site: Hotel Site, 118 Kanal, Completed in 2016 for $240mn
Project Thread

FEB Mall & Tower | Planning
Owner: Federal Employees Benevolent & Group Insurance Funds
Site: Super Store Site, 90 Kanal
Includes: Shopping Mall and Commercial/Office Tower

Orient Group Project | Planning
Owner: Orient Group
Site: Multiple Plots in Commercial Block
30 Storey Mövenpick Hotel Building
Mall and Entertainment Center
Residential Tower
Office Tower
Hospital Building

LDA Tower (IT Tower) | Envisioned
Owner: LDA
Site: LDA Tower Site, Corporate Block
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^Yes, most probably the orient project. But could also be something else as most of the plots have been auctioned off.

They still need to take the electric wiring underground. There wasn’t any provision in the last budget, maybe the next one.

They should at least clean up the area a bit. The place looks like a dump right now.
Great, hopefully we'll get more details (especially preliminary design) within a couple of months.
now its confirmed that this is orient group project they painted those board in blue color n wrote a project of orient group :cheers:

Proposal for FEB site by Master Consulting. :wallbash:

I thought the same thing, and the podium idea is dumb too, I say develop the site in steps based on a master plan. Plan for ~3 towers and start off with just the one, they have a 90 kanal site which is already worth Rs. 5bn, they should utilise it fully.
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Can't say anything about the lifts but visited the mall yesterday and found it to be very well kept. Not once did I think that this place needs a cleaning up. Sure, stuff will get a bit scuffed up once its in regular use but I wouldn't call that dirty.
Visited emporium mall yesterday and wasnt impressed with it. Floors were quite dirty and dust was visible everywhere. Used the lifts and everytime i pressed the lift button i got a electric shock.

Packages mall might be small but its Maintenance is well done
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Actually the owners want to build a mall there along with commercial office space. The owners FEB & GIF explicitly mention “mall” in their tender invitations which is kind of stupid. I’m sure they’ll drop the mall idea after some sort of market survey.

The site was originally intended for a superstore but LDA revised its possible uses after it failed to auction off any plots in FTC in the initial auctions. This plot was the first one to be auctioned in 2011.
that was just a proposal when the land was advertised by govt, now it's upto the owners what they build there, the land on which emporium is built was advertised as a 5 star hotel site.
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Orient posted an ad this week in the papers looking to hire engineers for project co-ordination, the ad specifically mentioned high rise and hotel so I guess we can expect an announcement in this quarter and construction to commence sometime in Q2.
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Maybe you know of some specific details but I find that very hard to believe. Even if a quarter’s rent was waived off, it must have been for some other reason than poor footfall. They are running a business and before handing out such massive discounts, they would rather advertise the mall more.

A decent ad campaign would cost no more than 60mn to air plus 15mn for production(with a decent celebrity). If they waived off rent for some brands and you know about that, then the other brands do too and they wouldn’nt be too happy about it. So if everyone gets that amount off that means a lot of lost revenue, at .4mn average rent, that means 240mn in lost revenue for the quarter (I used .4 as a low estimate, I know for a fact that those small ice cream and candy stalls in emporium pay .2mn in rent and some of the largest brands pay as much as 2.5mn, no idea about packages rates).

So if you are failing to provide the footfall you promised in the contract, would you rather part ways with 75mn and actually do something about the problem or would you let go of 240mn and do absolutely nothing about the problem. Let’s not forget its run by the same people that run tetrapak, nestle, Coca Cola, rose petal and LUMS.

And I think the mall is doing ok, it’s absolutely packed on weekends and the shops look very busy. If traffic was such an issue, packages would’ve been all over the ad space.
There have been several disputes with management internally about that and the mall management went so far as to waive off a full quarter's rent to ease the brands.

Major #General (R) Shaukat Sultan from #Orient Group visited under #construction building projects of #Kingcrete in #Lahore. He was well received and given #presentations on the execution methodology.

So Orient is already looking at construction companies.
Was in the news that some revisions in the design of FTC have been approved by LDA. Hopefully we’ll get some details soon.
Getting closer

Job Description
Orient Electronics requires Project Manager Civil Works for high quality engineering deliverables for structure, foundation, infrastructure and general civil works.


Prepare budgets, schedules, effort hour and material takeoff estimates, project status report, staffing forecast and perform other administrative tasks.
Manage entire team to ensure the completion of projects within given targeted timeline.
Managing, directing and monitoring progress during each phase of a project.
Prepare, review, and check engineering calculations, designs, drawings and Evaluate cost estimates provided by various contractors related to civil works.
Verifications of the running bills raised by the contractors.
Ensure that project meet legal guidelines, environmental directives and health and safety requirements.
Experience in Construction/Project Management of High rise buildings, Hotels, Hospital & Commercial mall in G.C.C Countries. Involved in Design review/ Design management. Has ability to work on Primavera, Revit/Bim.
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The Orient project in FTC is called "Orient Square". Construction on hotel will start first and is expected to start mid year.
Pile testing for Orient Square
This is the Movenpick building by orient. 500ft tall 42 storeys + 3 basements.

BTW the image above is a design proposed by landmark consultants a few years ago for the city mall on main boulevard.
Tallest building in Lahore, plan approved by LDA

LAHORE - In line with the vision of Prime Minister Imran Khan for encouraging construction of high-rise buildings to save precious land, the Lahore Development Authority on Monday gave a go ahead for construction of city's tallest building at Finance and Trade Centre, Johar Town.

The 500 feet high-rise would be constructed on a 44-kanal piece of land besides a hotel of international chain. Chief Town Planner Syed Nadeem Akhter Zaidi and Additional Director General Housing Zarif Iqbal Satti handed over the approved plan to representatives of the Orient Group, the builder and financier of the project.

Environment Protection Agency and Traffic Engineering and Transportation Planning Agency have also issued no-objection certificates for construction of the building. A water treatment plant would be installed in this building and the treated water would be used for chillers and horticulture purposes. The building would also have arrangements for collection and storage of rainwater, its recycling as well as treatment for recharging of the underground water table. In view of the development of the area as the new financial hub of the provincial metropolis, the LDA informed the district administration as well as Rescue-1122 for making special arrangements for the area for coping with any emergency situation like fire incidents and other such situations.

The construction group has also shared its emergency plan with these departments.
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The plot is owned by FEB & GIF, they built a boundary around the plot because local kooray walas kept dumping waste there and LDA held them responsible for cleaning it up.

They had a tender notice in the papers for the boundary wall a while ago and one for a security guard room to keep waste and homeless people out.
plot infront of emporium finished that boundry wall all around it may be some new project or just safety stuff :hmm:
They were planning an office building and a mall there and had hired a consultant and made some hires back in 2016 but nothing materialized. Probably the feasibility didn't come out right as Emporium is right next door and office space is really cheap (you can rent out a house as an office, my friend has a 1400 sqft. space in a residential building for just 55k) in that area so there isn't much demand for upscale offices there.

They seem to be focusing on BF Tower for now (FEB & GIF).

I don't see any demand for rented offices in FTC until the infrastructure is fully completed and landscaped. Then we'll see some cheaper office buildings on some of the smaller plots and only then we'll see some bigger projects.

What would work there is an IT building like Arfa Kareem Tower. LDA has a plot allocated for that purpose right behind Emporium but nothing seems to be on the cards yet.
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Plot #10 was originally designated for a parking plaza.
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