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John Portman - RIP

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As someone who routinely criticized his designs I'd be remiss if I didn't also take the time to acknowledge his contributions to design and to Atlanta's development in general. He was indeed someone who provided visionary concepts to the industry both in hotel form and the nature of incorporating convention spaces within hotels and other mixed use structures. His applications of sculptural concrete forms within the walls, floors and overhangs within public spaces provided an industry shift in how many small and mid-sized convention and conference centers viewed their operations. And on occasion he'd yield a very formidable overall design, to boot.

More importantly, Mr. Portman stuck with Atlanta and did his part to drive it forward economically and as a convention industry hub. His pursuit of being both an architect and developer was a large part of my inspiration for college, as I went through school aspiring to do exactly the same. His sometime poor effect on the streetscape notwithstanding, Atlanta is what it is today in large part because of what Mr. Portman did in his career.

Rest in peace, Mr. Portman. Thank you for your contributions to the field of architecture and to the City of Atlanta.

Firm page here.

Wikipedia page here.
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i'm not sure who said this but I think it is accurate. He definitely made a mark on this city.

“John Portman won’t need a headstone. Downtown Atlanta is his monument.”
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