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jordanian numbers

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20 trillion $-----the worth of different materialls that can be harvested from the dead sea:nuts:

300 thousand ton------ of oil can be produced daily from (surface) oilshell in jordan:nuts:
80 thousand ton ------of uranium (yes uranium ) in jordan ( official no. ):nuts:

200 yrs------- deesy basin water ( very pure ) can supply amman:nuts:
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20 trillion $-----the worth of different materialls that can be harvested from the dead sea:nuts:
20 what?? :eek2: :eek2: are you sure!! :eek:
yes i read it in local press some time ago based on a leading magazine ,something like the economist .
money money money :nuts: :nuts: :nuts: :nuts: :nuts:
well if that's true then Jordan should be a rich country, thats better than oil :D then why don't they use it !! :bash:
So do u split the 20 trillion with Israel.. Or maybe with the Palestinians... LoL
the king of jordan will steel all the money
That's not true. Indeed Jordan has some natural resources, however that number ($20 trillion) is not true at all. Canada's the world's largest resource filled country and their resources don't add up to that much.

Besides, it's five years later and they haven't harvested anything from their, so it definitely isn't true. But Jordan does have quite a bit of oil shale and uranium, however it probably doesn't even add up to $1 trillion.
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And the newly discovered oil in the dead sea is only worth about $300 million which is amazing! But it was only 4 to 6 million barrels, that's it.
And after doing some recent calculations, all of the oil and shale oil and uranium in jordan is equal to about $4.2 trillion
it would've been awesome if they really have that much of worth materials, but i think it's propaganda.
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