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JOWHAR | Offstream Storage Reservoir | Rehabilitation

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(Agricultural town of Jowhar dealing with periodic floods)

Turkey and Somalia on Sunday signed an agreement to reconstruct the storage reservoir in the Middle Shabelle region.

The project will be implemented by the Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TIKA) which aims to rebuild the Jowhar Off-Stream Storage Reservoir that will be used for irrigation and flood management.

Somalia’s minister of Agriculture, Saeed Hussein said the deal will help Somalia in agricultural production.

“This landmark pact will help the farmers in their production by providing adequate water for irrigation. The project will also manage to reduce the floods,” Hussein said.

The TIKA coordinator, Gilib Yilmaz who spoke at the signing ceremony which took place in the Somali capital, Mogadishu said the project will focus on the rehabilitation of the reservoir which collects water for future use.

” This project will deal with the reconstruction of the reservoir to collect the water from the Shabelle for irrigation when the level of the river water decreases, it will be easy for the farmers to continue the production. This will help Somalia to increase the farm production,” Yilmaz said.

Turkish Ambassador to Somalia, Olgan Baker, who attended the signing ceremony said his country is commited to support Somalia and its people.

” Turkey plans to complete the implementation of several development projects in Somalia before the end of this year,” Bekar pledged.

Somali deputy prime minister, Mahdi Mohamed Guled who also witnessed the signing of the deal said the nation will benefit from the reconstruction of Hawaadley and Sabuni reservoirs.

” The project will inject the nation over ten beneficial programmes including increasing food production which lowers food shortages and the hunger, availability of adequate water for irrigation, flood management and exportation of the country’s farm products,” Guled explained.
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I am excited for this project

Jowhar has so much potential, i have been in many cities in Somalia but Jowhar is arguably the most well planed city in the whole country. Its has beautiful gardens, railway ( destroyed during the civil war but still intact) mild climate,green, a river, is surrender by cane,cotton,agricultural lands and has the biggest industrial park (SNAI) in the country.

I have been there before and after the civil war, although there is much damage the foundations are still miraculously intact, it needs a huge investments starting with the highway both connecting to Xamar and the one to Beledweyne

A good start.
Not much, its almost gone after 28 years of chaos.

Last time i was there (1997) you could still see the rails but i am afraid those are gone too.
Hi Talya, can you say what is left of the railway? Do you know of any photos?

Regards, Thomas.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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