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R140m Jozini Mall development
22 Jun 2012

Jozini, in North-Eastern KwaZulu-Natal, will enjoy its first large one-stop retail centre when the 18 100sqm Jozini Mall opens in April 2013.

The new mall, providing an investment of R140 million, is owned and developed by Greater Atlantic Properties (Pty) Ltd. The mall corrects a large undersupply of retail in this community, estimated at over 22 000sqm, which is severely restricted in meeting the its daily shopping needs.

Jozini Mall will provide comprehensive, convenient shopping with 45 shops supported by over 400 parking bays, 36 taxi bays and eight bus bays.

Gavin Tagg of Retail Network Services, which is crafting the retail dynamics for the project, explains that growth in Jozini CBD is restricted by the local topography. "The CBD has not been able to expand with Jozini’s growing population due to space limits,” says Tagg.

Jozini is a small town on the main route to Mozambique. It is synonymous with Lake Jozini, formerly the Pongolapoort Dam. This small business centre provides a gateway into Maputaland.

Tagg says the sheer number of shoppers in Jozini will drive spend at the mall.

“There are 42 000 households in the primary and secondary catchment area. This includes nearly 106 000 people living in the primary catchment area and some 134 000 people staying in the secondary market zone.”

Research undertaken by Fernridge Consulting rates the site as excellent for retail development.

Its location and visibility contribute strongly to this rating. It is on the main road to the Jozini CBD, three kilometres from the town centre, next to a housing development in one of the most densely populated areas of the region.

Residents wishing to shop in the CBD literally face an uphill battle, many of them having to walk up the long, steep incline until they reach the town, at the top of a hill. And when they get to town, there is very little choice with the limited national retail offering in Jozini CBD.

This will change with the new Jozini Mall. It will provide the community with a 3 000sqm Shoprite, as well as a relevant mix of retailers including hardware, fashion, furniture and fast food.

“While accessing this market represents an excellent trading opportunity for retailers, local consumers will also enjoy big benefits from Jozini Mall,” says Tagg.

Retail Network Services, which is doing the leasing has a record of successes to its name, including Pan Africa Shopping Centre in Alexandra, Edendale Mall in Pietermaritzburg, Hemingways Mall in East London, Tsakane Mall in Springs and Jabulani Mall in Soweto to its name.

Source: Property24

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Jozini Mall

Jozini Mall, the new 18,220m2 community shopping centre in North-Eastern KwaZulu-Natal in South Africa, is now fully let and will open anytime soon.
Jozini Mall, located on the main road to the Jozini CBD, in one of the most densely populated residential areas of the region and near the town centre. This excellent position and visibility heighten its attraction to both shops and shoppers.
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