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JP Morgan Chase Tower, Houston

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JP Morgan Chase Tower l HOUSTOn l 305m l 75fl

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JP Morgan Chase Tower
Houston, USA

HEIGHT: 305m/1,002 feet
FLOORS: 75 floors

Upon completion in 1981, this 1,000-foot-high tower was the tallest building in Houston, the sixth tallest in the United States, the tallest granite-clad building in the world, and the tallest composite concrete and steel building ever erected. The tower, however, is only part of a 2.2 million s/f complex that includes a 1-acre public plaza, a linked 2,000-car garage with retail / athletic facilities, and a shopping concourse that interconnects with Houston's pedestrian tunnel system.

While the form and the shape of the tower were determined by skyline considerations, sitting was a conscious attempt at urban space creation. Set back into a corner, the tower leaves open two-thirds of the full-block site to create a public plaza that offsets the tower's mass and forms a common setting for the buildings that surround it.

One corner of the tower is sheared off at a 45° angle to produce a slender five-sided structure. The 75-story main facade is an 85-foot column-free span of butt-jointed glass and stainless steel that offers panoramic views of the entire west side of Houston. Loads normally carried by corner columns are transferred back to the tower's structural core — one that introduces the elevator "Sky Lobby" for the first time outside New York and Chicago. The "Sky Lobby" offers panoramic views of Texas' largest city.

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Nothing exceptional about it except its HEIGHT. The only nice thing is that its good for framing the skyline.
Height, height, height....Not much of a design..6/10
very corporate America! doesnt tickle my fancy that much though, 6.5

Don't like how one side looks good, but flat on the other. Good that it is 5 sided though.

it looks a lot better during a sunset!! WOW!! . . otherwise 8/10 for being over 1000ft;)
A depressingly bland corporate box. Bletch!

Uninteresting on almost all sides.

Looks good from some angles ugly from others. Very bland boring box with its only redeeming feature being the height. Even the five sides can't save it. 5.0/10
Rather plain by itself, but looks great in a skyline. Neat in person, looks huge. 8/10.
6.0/10. There really isn't anything impressive about it.
Its really big but the facade is kinda bland 6.5/10 ;)
Nothin' special exept for it's hight. OK to me
height and height! i love that!

holy shit.

I don't mind the four regular sides of square windows (even though they're plain)

The fifth side with the rows of windows is just horrible though - in pictures, maybe when I see it in person my opinions will change.

6.0 (because I see a lot of those heh)

NP: Boston - Hitch a Ride
5/10. An architecture critic called this the original building in a gray granite suit. It's not that it's bad, it's just that it so obviously could have been better.
Yet another shining Texas monolith that changes names at an alarming banks...

I love how it "goes for it" in the slim height department. Otherwise it does nothing interesting.

Nice and tall, but a bit boxy and plain. 6.5/10
It's not a great tower.
It will have to do it with 6/10
1 - 20 of 343 Posts
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