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JP Nagar 7th Phase | Elita Promenade | Multiple blocks - 21 floors | U/C

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Under Construction photos

Developer: Keppel Puravankara Development Pvt. Ltd.
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lol the water in the rendering is fake???
There is a lake bordering Phase II
^^Sun, thanks for the wikimapia page..:) But it is pretty old images. Brigade Palmspring and Brigade Jasmine are yet to come up in the map. Jasmine, the 13 floor tower was completed two years back. I had stayed in the Brigade Wood rose club close to Elita Promenade last Friday.

I had also thought why Elita Promenade has shown such a nice waterfront in its renderings. The Puttanahalli lake is at present it is just a marsh land, with weeds. Perhaps one day the authorities could dredge the waterbody and make it true to its name.
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updates about this project tooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo....... i guess i missed many projects cos i am following only this site..... get going guys i need to see some more of bangaluru........
^^The apartments look good. Thanks for the pics. What is the occupancy and price of these apartments currently (if someone has the data)?
There are issues between the builder and the resident owners. The owner's association hasn't formed yet as they dont want to take it over as the builder broke several promises.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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