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JUFFAIR | Vision Towers | 41 fl+41 fl+41 fl+41 fl | U/C

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Project : Vision Towers - 4 Residential Towers 41 Floors each.

Location : Juffair, next to Fontana Towers.

Developer : Abdulgafar Al Kooheji
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Juffair is rising to the Sky

Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Juffair is rising to the sky!!!!!! towers are filling the Area First Fontana Towers then Swiss attix plaza now the Vision towers What next ? a 70 floor tower?
Thumbs up for the people of Bahrain
:cheers: :banana:
Vision Towers

Project Title: Construction of ‘The Vision Tower’
Project Cost: 45.0 Million BD
Project Start Date: May 2008
Project Completion: March 2011
Project Consultant: Arab Architect

Project Description
The over all scope of works comprises of the construction of residential apartment having a total built up area of approximately 128,000 square meter consists of Basement ,lower ground floor + 4 level of car parking + two floors of swimming pool and service area + 7 to 40 typical floor, Lift Machine room,. The Scope also includes for MEP works, Landscaping and finishing works.

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Any updates? Is this really under construction??
Yes they are, imagine that :)
Yes they are, imagine that :)
I thought this was put on hold in January. Has the construction already resumed?
I heard they resume the construction? Is it true?
Did they resume the construction?
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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