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Just a couple of the IT projects in India

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India's IT campuses are sprouting up everywhere in the country, in nearly every city of size, like a thousand lotus blossoms. Before, they were roughly conventional, looking much like colleges, but now they're talking a life and design of their own.

Here are some of the new IT projects either u/c or soon to be u/c, from the few Indian architects with a website: Hafeez Contractor.

Unfortunately, none of the other u/c IT projects/architects have websites... which is especially odd, considering they're @#%@# IT PROJECTS. *sigh*, It's enough to drive a Indian SCCite off a cliff in frustration (I'm getting to that point)

Anyway, enjoy. And pray with me that other Indian architects find use for websites...

Knowledge Park, Bangalore

I-Flex Solutions, Mumbai (planned)

CIDCO Building, Navi Mumbai (planned)

Infosys, Bangalore:

Infosys Convention Centre, Bangalore:

Infosys Chandigarh:

Infosys, Chennai:

Infosys, Mysore:

Infosys, Pune:

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WOW, some of them are increidlby cool!
Very original! Love that infosys snake building BTW.
I have to say, im really really amazed. I'd do anything to see some of these projects here in Qatar. This Hafez guy seems to be quiet popular these days.
Here are some IT parks u/c in Chennai:

IT Highway, Sholinganallur

Velacherry Sai Tech

IT Highway, Navalur

IT Highway, Kottivakkam

IT Highway, Kandanchavadi

Max Computers

Adyar Arihant Foundation

ITP, Chennai

Ramaniyam IT Park

Dowlath Tower

GREEN IT Park, Sipcot

The Lords

Times Square

TVH Belica Towers

TVH Cyber Valley

TVH Virukshaa

RMZ Millenia

Cognizant Technologies

unknown name:

Tek Meadow:

BASCON Tech Park:

Thanks to the various SSC India forumers who found and collected them. Note that there are tens more IT parks and campuses that we couldnt find renderings for.

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The first bunch are SOOOO groovy!
Great designs, India is just cementing its position as a major world IT provider. Bangalore is definately India's silicon valley and with those buildings, it'll only get better.
Man, my tongue is out like that of a lusty dogs' ;)
One word to express my feelings: WOW!!!
nice and very unique :)

some of the upcoming IT parks in chennai(Madras)..

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Cool, nice to see India cementing it's strengths :).
What's amazing that in other countries, boom means taller buildings, but in India, it means more sprawly campus like offices.
Some these buildings are very odd, but then some have quite nice design.s
mainhoonna said:
What's amazing that in other countries, boom means taller buildings, but in India, it means more sprawly campus like offices.
oh dear... back to basics lesson... tall buildings only have their worth in highly dense centres where property prices are too high. building a 50 storey building as a work or eductational place is extremely inefficient, energy and cost wise if land prices do not dictate this type of building. Also tall buildings are very demanding on the infrastructure and environment so they are rarely an environmentally sound solution.

However there are some places (no names mentioned) that seem to be going in reverse and building tall buildings in the hope that people equate this with a successful economic area, although this is just psychological it does seem to work with financial companies for some reason... will be interesting how this strategy works out when it is done on a large scale
Urban Dave said:
Weird .... ¬¬ I dont' like most of the designs.
No problems!

Under construction..

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