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Just thought I would throw this out there

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I put this up over at SSP also to try and get a response over there to.

Is there some way that we could organize a sub-forum with areas of Under Construction, Proposals, and other headings to organize the forum and make it easier to find a project that has been completed, is under construction, or proposed. I think it would make navigating this section of the Los Angeles forum easier.

Any thooughts, ideas, flames???
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it says in each title if its completed, under construction, etc already.
No. Way too complex for one sub-forum. The title of each thread lists the status of the project.
First of all, it wouldn't be that complex. The system is already there. It would involve just a click of a button.

Besides, it not the fact that I can't read the title, its the fact that I see a rundown of all the projects and then have to sift through 10 pages to see the latest update or news on the project. I just think that it would make it easier to find projects and the status on them.
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its not gonna happen. we dont have enough projects to warrant a new subforum.
There is no need for 3 sub-forums (Under Construction, Approved, Proposed). There simply aren't enough projects to justify creating them. It would not make navigating the forum easier. People would have to go back and forth between sub-forums just to get their updates. Why do you have to "shift through 10 pages" just to get the latest updates. You only check the new posts.

The Development News section is fine in its current state. There's no need to sub-divide it any further. Keep it simple.
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NAH, you'll get used to the site newbie, give it time..
If someone has the motivation, they can make a web page hosted somewhere with the list categorized (Under Construction, Approved, Proposed), and each project name can be a link to its specific topic that resides in this sub-forum. However, that person would also have to add new additions as they are added here.

Hmm, If there is a way to automatically generate a list of the topics here in XML or something, this could be a simple PHP code.
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