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Kirkpinar olive oil wrestling festival, Edirne, Turkey.
Wrestlers contest the grand final.

The Ottomans residing in Anatolia gradually made their way to Rumelia (1356-1357) during the period of Orhan Ghazi, with the command of his son, Süleyman Paşa, before the conquest of Edirne (1361).

During the lull periods between their raids and when they ceased marching, the Ottoman Raiders kept themselves active by playing various types of sports.

Once, among 40 stout-hearted men who started wrestling, a contest between two lasted until midnight with neither one of them appearing the victor and this contest continued until both of them died wrestling...

Their brothers at arms, after burying these two stouthearted men under a fig tree in the field where the contest took place, continued their raids towards Edirne.

After the conquest of Edirne, when they arrived at the Ahırköy Meadow, they saw that a crystal clear water source around that fig tree was running towards Kırkpınar Meadow and hence, named this place as Kırkpınar (meaning Forty-sources) saying "They were forty. They were the first to arrive at this side."

Historical Kirkpinar Festival

The Historical Kırkpınar Wrestling and Culture Activities took place on the field in Sarayiçi, which is one of the most important recreation spots of Edirne and the 642st contest will take place this year.

Er Meydanı, which was surrounded by stands made of wallrush called salaşpur until 1985 has been started to be renovated in 1985 with the order given by the prime minister at the time, Turgut Özal.

At the time of the Ottomans, the wrestling contests outside the palace took place in fairgrounds, at weddings, in societies in the aid of charity groups or in the private places and salons of organizers who had gained a profession. In addition to this, there were wrestling contests as Wedding Wrestling, Ramadan Wrestling, Wrestling for the Aid of Charities.

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