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Kababji resturant to open in the U.S.A

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135 Connecticut Avenue​

Kabab-ji is a leading chain of Lebanese/Mediterranean cuisine, which emphasizes product freshness and healthy cooking. Kabab-ji started in Lebanon in the early 1990s, and has now spread throughout the Middle East through franchising.

The evolving demand for health-oriented cuisines is creating a favorable opportunity for concepts such as Kabab-ji to succeed in the US market. As such, the Fund has forged a joint-venture with the owner of Kabab-ji, Mr. Toufic Khoueiri, to develop the original Kabab-ji concept in the United States. Kabab-ji will bring the name, know-how, management and vast experience in the field, while the Fund and its associated investors will provide capital, financial oversight and assist in the business strategy evolution.

Kabab-ji, with its focus on quality, freshness and tasteful food, should become the leading brand in the fast-casual segment of Mediterranean cuisine in the US.
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This is great news, but I thought they were supposed to open a location already, in New York if I recall?

Do you have a link to this article?
Yes, some confirmation and possible locations would be great!
^^Their website says Washington, D.C. I'm curious where he got this specific announcement from.
Mena capital the developer of sky gate, is investing in the project.
I love their Kebab Halabi :)
Kababji :banana: I love that place, they opened here for a while, but then they closed :eek:hno:The kebabs will never be the same again
Location Confirmed

Kabab-ji USA: The flag-ship outlet at 1351 Connecticut Avenue in Washington DC will be open for business during the fall of this year. This will be followed by two additionnal outlets in the Washington DC area. Upon the fine tuning of the concept in the U.S., franshising will ensue within 18 months.

-MENA Capital is currently pursuing potential investment opportunities in the consumer goods and food and beverage sectors with a target of closing at least one transaction by year-end, 2009.

Does anyone here live in Washington d.c
I wish they open one in Los Angeles. The Californian Lebanese have been forgotten..
^^ places like california boston, chicago, are next. On the other hand florida is the last place in the u.s.a
They should open one in NEW YORK goddammit!!!!!!!!!

All the Middle Eastern food here is :puke:

I love how there's a thread about Kababji LOL

A great web site.

The location is famous and one of the most busiest area's in the United States.

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