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KAJANG | Selangor | Town & District

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Kajang is the district capital of Hulu Langat, Selangor.

Kajang by plf5403, on Flickr

Kajang town by kajangstation, on Flickr
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World Association of Muslim Youth (WAMY) Integrated Training Centre (INTRAC)

World Association of Muslim Youth (WAMY) Integrated Training Centre (INTRAC) in Kajang (proposed site).

finally we got a Kajang thread !!! I always wonder why we still don't have kajang thread even Kajang have like 700k population
Kajang KTM's Station

As usual… full of taxi.

Kajang Town~

Stadium Kajang (just besides the most famous Haji Samuri Satay) now turn into public park

Kajang's night view (from wikipedia)

From Kajang Biz

Kajang MRT and KTM aerial view.

Kajang KTM parking building



Promote KAJANG as Sate Town

With MRT coming to Kajang, the town should take advantage of the event by promoting itself as a SATE TOWN. All Sate outlets must advertise themselves to the population and tourists. Each outlet must make itself clean and healthy. Workers wear Aprons and toilets and washing areas constantly cleaned. Majlis Bandaran, Operators, the population, tourism companies, NGOs, media, all must work together to tap tourists market from KL area especially as MRT conects Kajang to Bukit Bintang, KL Sentral, Pasar Seni and all LRT stations.
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any good satay restaurants that are within walking distance to the Kajang MRT station?
yeay good news. anw restaurant now open at mkh avenue depan hospital besar kajang
Sunway plans RM460mil transit-oriented development in Kajang


is taking over a discontinued commercial development project in Kajang and aims to replace it with a mixed development having an estimated gross development value of RM460mil.

In a filing with Bursa Malaysia, the property-construction group said its subsidiary Daksina Harta Sdn Bhd had signed an agreement to buy the land - with the partially completed development on it - for RM63mil.

The land spans 24,281.1 sq metres before deducting the portion that was compulsorily acquired by the relevant authority measuring 2,928 sq metres.

The 5.28-acre land, acquired from Concept Housing Development (M) Sdn Bhd, contains a partially completed commercial complex comprising a three-storey podium (three units of office space), two office blocks of 20 and 12 storeys with a total of 26 office space units, and a 10-storey car park.

The purchase was a related-party transaction, as Concept Housing Development’s directors and major shareholders are Cheah He Mooi (Sunway executive chairman Tan Sri Jeffrey Cheah’s sister) and her husband Yap Chin Gum.

In its statement, Sunway said it planned to continue building on the semi-completed structure but would replace the original development with a proposed mixed-development comprising a retail podium/commercial lots, and serviced apartments/SoHo.

The project is expected to be completed within five years.

“The land is located less than 2km from Kajang town and next to the Sg Jernih MRT Station. Due to its immediate proximity to the existing MRT station, the proposed development will be another transit oriented development status for Sunway Group,” Sunway said.

It added: “The reinforced concrete structure frame work that has been completed, potentially will be salvaged with minor adjustment to accommodate the new proposed development. This represents substantial savings on the construction costs and timing for the proposed development.”


Finally the eyesore of Kajang got a new dev!
Hi, just drove around Kajang in March2021. Just to highlight the latest of what's going on in Kajang. More to share with you all.

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