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Kampala is the capital city of Uganda. With a population of 1,208,544 (2002), it is the largest urban settlement in Uganda.(wikipedia)

Buganda Kasubi Tombs

Ugandan Parliament

National Court

Kabaka Palace

Hindu temple


Fairway Hotel

Garden city

Notice by the source of the nile

Taxi park

Makerere University

night scene

Sheraton Kampala

whitewater rafting on the nile

Nakivubo Stadium

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Nice new photos! Kampala doesn't look too bad for an African capital. I've also found that Uganda is ranked as a medium development country. Not a bad start!

Its very impressive considering they had to do alot of rebuilding after the wars ended in 1986. Kampala's skyline literally sprouted in the late nineties when the country was (and still is) experiencing robust economic growth. But I guess it will see phenominal growth in its skyline in the coming months. About four new hotels are under construction in the city centre with some being more than 20 storeys high. This is to cater for the coming commonwealth heads of government meeting (CHOGM) this year.

The city is also currently undergoing a major road upgrade with a new by-pass highway being built.

Uganda has been hailed as one of Africas success stories. They were among the continents poorest people a few decades ago but have risen up from the ashes of war. Now that the country has discovered oil deposits, its only a matter of time before it gives some African powerhouses a run for their money.

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Kampala Pictures :cheers2:

View of Uganda from the top of the Kampala Sheraton Hotel

Central Kampala from the Sheraton rooftop

Central Kampala

Grand Imperial Hotel, Kampala

Central Kampala, east of the Sheraton

Central Kampala with City Hall tower, Port Bell in the distance

Pool of the Kampala Sheraton

Kampala Sheraton

Standard Chartered Bank, Speke Rd, Kampala

Kampala Avenue, the city's main street

Kampala Avenue looking east towards Jinja

A new tower rising on Kampala Ave

Workers House, Speke Ave, Kampala

Roadsign along Kampala Rd for Jinja, Source of the Nile and Entebbe International Airport

Kampala Road with a new Stanbic Bank tower going up

Bell Lager Building, Kampala Road

Communications House

Christ the King Parish Church, Colville St & Kimathi Ave

Modern clock tower of Kampala City Hall

Modern highrise

Parliament of the Republic of Uganda

Kibuli Mosque overlooking Kampala

Kampala Railway Station

Commercial building by railway station

Rainbow Arcade, Kampala Avenue

New building, Kampala Rd (Another Pic of the Stabic Building)

Cairo Bank, Kampala

East African Development Bank, Kampala

Uganda Wildlife Authority Headquarters - this is where you come for gorilla permits

Stanbic Bank towers, Kampala

Stanbic Bank towers, Kintu Rd/Nile Ave Roundabout

Central Kampala, Kimnathi Ave

Statistics House, Kampala

Uganda National Stadium, Kampala

Nice City, That Sheraton Pool is great Lol:)

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Some more Pictures of the Kampala Serena Hotel

This Pic, courtesy of SE9

The Interior

The Maisha Health Club

The Lakes Restaurant

The Pearl Restaurant

Lounge Area

Conference Room

The Explorer Restaurant

The Bambara Lounge

Suite Living Room

The Mists Bar

Business Centre

Suite Bed Room

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New Mosque built by Colonel Khadaffi

Serena Hotel

Parliament Building, Kampala

Kibuli Mosque, Kampala



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The Serana Hotel in Kampala is brilliant, it is simply the Africa of my dreams, a serene hotel built around African themes with African art and African furniture all in a first world and clean setting!:cheers:

As for the Mosque, This Mr Colonel Khadafi from Lybia is the devil in disguise, what is his aim in Africa? He plays "sugar Daddy" in poor(er) african states with his petro-billions ...once he is gone, the world can breathe freely.
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