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KAMPALA | Mega Standard Superarket

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Its a new Ugandan owned supermarket in Kampala. Apparently its the largest in East Afrtica with 6 storeys and mainly stocks local produce.

East African business week

KAMPALA - A new Ugandan owned supermarket believed to be the largest in East Africa was opened last week in the heart of Kampala.
Mega Standard Supermarket General Manager Emmy Atuhaire told reporters that the Ush11b ($4.4m) supermarket is the largest single supermarket in East Africa with six floors.
"This supermarket employs over 320 Ugandans with over 400 suppliers. It is a partnership of two individuals," said Atuhaire.
He added that over 60% of the goods in the supermarket are locally manufactured while the 40% is imported.
A number of retailers like Uchumi, Shoprite, Nakumatt, Game Stores, Capital Shoppers and others, have penetrated Uganda's trading industry, almost kicking the traditional shops out of the big trading areas in Kampala.
They have emerged in both the city centre and suburbs, strongly competing with small traders in local shops.
It is believed that with time the local shops may close since super markets sell a wide range of products at a single point.
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+1 good for uganda i hope one is built in kenya so we can remove hawkers from our streets and remove dirty urban markets and relocate them inside to a building like this
this is also it, but it is believed its for the first family and its built out of i dint get it
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