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KAMPALA | Nakivubo Stadium Renovation

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Nakivubo gives vendors 60 days to vacate
Publish Date: May 23, 2012

The backyard of Nakivubo Stadium that will be cleared. PHOTO by Michael Nsubuga
By James Bakama

The proposed master plan to redevelop Nakivubo War II Memorial Stadium will soon have hundreds of people evicted from the Park Yard market.

This follows a decision by the stadium management to clear the market to pave way for future developments.

The stadium’s board chairman Godfrey Kisekka (top) explained yesterday that the vendors have been given 60 days to vacate.

Kisekka said that besides the redevelopment of the stadium that starts later this year, the board’s decision was also hastened by a disagreement with the vendors’ leaders.

“We engaged them for four months but they don’t recognise us as their landlords,” said Kisekka at a press conference at the stadium. The decision also comes after Kampala City Council Authority (KCCA) classified the market as illegal.

Kisekka noted that despite collection of money from the vendors by some individuals, the funds were neither reaching KCCA nor the stadium’s coffers.

The board says two fires that have over the past three years gutted the market have also weakened the stadium wall. “We need sh300m for repairs but we cannot do this with the market around,” said Kisekka.

On a clash between KCCA executive director Jennifer Musisi and Mayor Erias Lukwago about the existence of the market, Kisekka stressed Musisi’s stand prevails.

Kisekka scoffed at those who say the stadium is being misused through non-sporting activities. “True, the core activity for the stadium is sports but revenues from these activities can no longer maintain the facilities”.

Reading financial statements of the first quarter of 2012, Kisekka explained that out of the sh70m collected, football brought only sh900,000. Rent from bus companies, shops and parking fees brought in sh31m while stadium hire brought sh32m and toilets sh6m.
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good these people cannot just sell their things anywhere they want.
since kcca has been in town illegal sellers and markets have been kicked out renovations have been planned since 2008 but corrupt officials meant it couldn't happen from what i know it will be expanded to 30,000 capactiy from 18,000 and new toilets changing rooms drainage etc and possibly an artificial turf .
Nakivubo Stadium needs shs 300M for repairs

Wednesday, 23 May 2012 Written By Darren Allan Kyeyune

In a move to better and refurbish Nakivubo War II Memorial Stadium, it is likely to cost close to shs300 million. According to the multi-purpose stadium boss, Godfrey Kisekka, the redevelopment will not go on with vendors close to it.
The vendors were issued a 60-day ultimatum to vacate the venue and like expected, many do not want to leave the place.

Kisekka is in line with Kampala Capital City Authority’s Jenifer Musisi’s efforts of evicting vendors and improving the city’s standards.The down town stadium has a capacity of 18,000 people but needs a thorough improvement on the drainage, fencing, and recommendable maintenance.

Before the 50,202 seater Mandela National Stadium was built in 1997 after receiving a grant of $36 million dollars from the People's Republic of China, Nakivubo was Uganda’s prime threatre of football.
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redevelopment proposal for the Nakivubo War Memorial Stadium

Africa - Uganda - Kampala
Discipline: Architecture,Landscape Design
Categories: sport,leisure,park,transformation,city

Designer(s): Ivan Kato
Uganda Martyrs University
Faculty of the Built Environment

As the main administrative, commercial and transport hub of Uganda, Kampala is a destination and transit centre for hundred of thousands of people. For many, downtown Kampala is their destination, which over the time has become congested and increasingly prone to flooding, a consequence of increased paving across the city. Nakivubo War Memorial Stadium, the oldest Stadium in Uganda and once the flagship for soccer tournaments in the country stands in the midst of this. The Stadium has deteriorated over the years and is no longer the destination of choice for sports fans: congestion, and increased commercial and transport activities, not to mention the encroachment on pavements, streets and the Stadium’s grounds, making access and security a challenge.

This project seeks to redevelop the Nakivubo War Memorial Stadium into a world class stadium for the 21st century. The aim is to use redevelopment as a catalyst of positive change in the area that could be a step to revitalise and breath a new life into this area of Kampala. The proposed design is for a 25,000 seater multi purpose stadium for: football and rugby, as well as non sporting events such as concerts and exhibitions. The proposal also seeks to green and decongest downtown Kampala with a number of initiatives: the existing transport interchange to the north of the Stadium will be relocated to pave way for an urban park, a new green space for downtown Kampala to literally breath life into the city centre.

This green space will also provide extra sports grounds for soccer and basketball, as well as offer recreational space for downtown residents. A new transport interchange will accommodate buses and a new commuter rail station, in a bid to decongest in the city centre. The building form was inspired by Jorn Utzon’s theory of additive architecture explored in his key works including the Sydney Opera house, Australia and the Jedda Stadium in Saudi Arabia.

The stadium roof itself is inspired by broad leaves of tropical plants, the sweeping canopies providing shade to spectators, while also doubling as solar collectors. The estimated generation capacity of the 10 roof shells is 3MW per day. This is in excess of that required to run the Stadium; 70% of this energy could fed into the national grid.

Render From This Design

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Wow if that gets redesigned it will stand as Africa's best sports Venue i just in awe
it was design by a university architect for a firm and they will propose it to the government and the stadium management for now the stadium is getting a simple quick fix but this could be the future redevelopment. I really hope it gets done tooo :cheers:
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