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Kampflamm goes to Zuid-Holland (THE HAGUE, DELFT, GOUDA)

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Noordeinde Palace:

Noordeinde Palace

Part of the Parliament:

Binnenhof Den Haag
thanks for the amazing photos kampflamm...:cheers:
Amazing, great photos from Zuid-Holland :cheers:
Thanks. :eek:kay: More to come over the next few days, months, decades...


Markt Gouda

Stadhuis Gouda
Beautiful Netherlands! :cheers:
Those are some very artistic photos, great series!
Any comments about the places you visited?
They all look Dutch.

Seriously though, Dutch cities tend to look rather similar to me (I hope no one takes this as an insult). The canals, the brick houses with huge windows etc. Very quaint but at the same time to some extent repetitive. The Hague is a great city though with plenty of fantastic architecture and some highrises as an added bonus (which I'll dig up later on). Nonetheless the entire area is worth a visit and other interesting places such as Rotterdam or Leiden are just a few kms away.
Beautiful Netherlands! :cheers:
It's great to have so many awesome cities next door to the rather drab and dreary Rhineland. :eek:kay:
Beautiful pictures et fantastique photos!!:cheers:
Great pictures! :) you where lucky with the weather it seems :)
1 - 20 of 118 Posts
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