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Kanazawa is the place where there are tradition, a lot of buildings from old times.
Nevertheless a budget, a mountain became the neck, and the Sinkansen did not go.
However, because the Hokuriku Sinkansen will go in the future, I seem to become an important city. (During construction, 65% are completed now)I penetrated Hida Tunnel.

Because I am tasteful, and there is a town from old times with characteristic tradition of Kanazawa, there are many tourists and visits it.
I considerably lay emphasis on green, a scene, art, a folkcraft, the welfare, a child, a への action.
There is a port, too, and a foreign ship enters port, too.

Sinkansen MAP and Kanazawa Station

The Oumicho market outskirts

A corner a color is dark, and to leave an appearance of Korinbou / the Nagamachi samurai residence castle town times. In the alley which was complicated in a T character and L print, Domon and the style of a gate of a samurai residence are stopping time of 400 years with a thing peculiar to a castle town. So that that there is the quiet row of houses along a city street which water flows through in immediate back of busy streets is not believed.

The tour bus which runs in art museum, Kanazawa in Katamachi / Tatemachi / new Tatemachi length Matisse treat, purego, Ishikawa modern literature building, Kanazawa the 21st century

I do it, and 2 under resting booth town / Asano river / Eastern Pleasure District are Kanazawa gramophone building, Kanazawa literary arts building Sai River.

The Kenroku-en Garden (the Japan's three biggest famous garden) / Kanazawa-jo Castle / Maeda Tosa Mamorus museum
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