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Kaohsiung Maritime & Pop Music Center

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(i dont know if there's a thread for this. there is one in if there is, moderator please combine this with it.)

i think this submission is the best. i like the organic shapes; very aquatic-looking and fits the theme of a marine concept yet very "clean" looking. by Sun & Schrempp Associates. i hope they win it!!!

btw, what a stupid name!! why combine a 'maritime culture' with 'pop music'? they arent at all related!!!! and why do taiwanese always conjure up such weird, long names? like 'taiwan taoyuan international airport. why not just call it taoyuan int'l airport? and why does everything have to have a 'municipal' in the front? it sounds so bureaucratic!!!
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That's an awesome design... I like how it incorporates the sea channels and rivers by bridging over them instead of seeing them as an obstacle that limits the building to just the piece of land that its core is built on. Seems like Kaohsiung is doing pretty well with turning its industrial waterfront into a recreational one.

Btw only the first and last pictures show up.
i see them fine on my end. it's probably your ghetto computer.
The design is really god, but these is just a proposal, they are not in the Shortlist for the final stage. I hope the winner will be as good than these, or better. We can find many proposal for the competition on Internet, but
i think that we will just see the shortlist proposal at the end of the competition. 2011/01/18
really really excellent design! such a project would make kaohsiung looks like kobe or yokohama...
Love the Design! but hate the land reclaimation idea :(
流音中心競圖 西班牙團隊勝出 2011.1.19

image hosted on flickr

西班牙建築設計團隊Manuel Alvarez Monteserin Lahoz,擊敗全世界一百四十多件作品,獲得


評委認為 最能掌握高雄民眾特性
決選公佈儀式昨下午於國賓飯店國際廳舉行,入圍前五名的台、日、美及瑞士團隊進場,氣氛緊張。由建築師劉培森(台塑創辦人王永慶前女婿)領軍的日商Akihisa Hirata團隊與西班牙隊伍Manuel Alvarez Monteserin Lahoz戰到最後兩名。日籍評審主席佐藤滋說,九位委員看法各不同,最後一致通過西班牙團隊最能掌握高雄民眾特性。

佐藤滋說,從一百四十七件作品脫穎而出,相當不易,西班牙團隊就是掌握了高雄城市特質。 Lain Satrustegui坐在第一排,得知獲獎後,先與女同事Beatriz相擁而泣,隨後振臂大聲叫好。他用一口標準國語說,台灣特有夜市文化,符合高雄人性格,高雄人過動,最喜歡的公共空間是夜市,特別將此文化融合進建築。


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I can't see anything night market-ish in the design.
let see how that will be in real....:(
that will be a bitch to clean. i doubt any taiwanese will want to wash that building! :lol:
How the hell did that win....i like the idea in the first post better :(
oh what the hell....the first prize looks like someone freaking made a building out of toothpicks
ohhh wowwwww
what the hell?
and there's no tower to the first prize too
this disappoints me.
i almost feel like big giant bees should be flying out of those honeycombs. :nuts: least it's not covered with bathroom tiles. :tongue4:
I think we need understand the context instead of just looking these renderings.
context is that this is a condo for taiwanese giant killer bees!!!! :lol:
Actually i take it all back. It doesn't look so bad now. :)
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