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Taiwan 台湾 대만 ไต้หวัน
Kaohsiung 高雄 가오슝 เกาสง


Kaohsiung street artist announces plans for Taiwan's largest village of murals

Consuming public art, publicly

By Renée Salmonsen,Taiwan News, Staff Writer
2017/11/10 14:40

(Taiwan News) — Popular Kaohsiung artist, Bamboo (楊惟竹), announced during the Walliors Street Art Festival in Kaohsiung this week a plan to create a proper mural village within the next 3 years, according to China Times.

Bamboo aspires to invite at least 50 artists from 50 countries to participate in the project. The project is estimated to yield well over a hundred creations.

Bamboo's street works have received a warm and wide reception over the last 5 years. Bamboo educates youth on his specific skill and educates the public through his creativity.

Public art spaces in Kaohsiung's Lingya District (苓雅區) are already full of diverse street art, with talented contributing artists originating from over 14 countries, including Belgium, Spain, Brazil, Malaysia, United States, Puerto Rico, Thailand, Italy, and the Netherlands. There are already 24 street art pieces in the area.

Art meant for the public, especially for free, is a growing trend in Taiwan. From the recent improvements to the Rainbow Village to the conversion of bland buildings into think pieces, to the surplus of colorful wonderment around Taipei, street artists are gaining a cultural foothold in Taiwan.

The Kaohsiung Street Art Festival began November 7 and will continue through tomorrow, November 11.
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