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G4 Mall and Corporate Office Tower - 28 Floors

Developers: Imperial Developers & Builders (Pvt.) Ltd
Contractors: Imperial Developers & Builders (Pvt.) Ltd (in-house construction team)
Building Type: Corporate
Height: ?? NA
Floors Above Ground: 28
Floors Under Ground: 3
Mixed Use Floors: 5
Office Floors: 17
Parking Floors: 9
Location: Plot G4, Block 5, Scheme 5, Clifton, Karachi, Pakistan.

Located in the upscale and fashionable district of Karachi, G4 is an expression of the modern day architectural ingenuity. A testament to an underlying belief, that great design can only be created with the integration of intrepid aspiration and extraordinary proficiency in turning ideas into reality. The vision of an exciting building program with contemporary office spaces for growing business and a luxurious mall for shopping pleasure is realized in G4 with dynamism, functionality, convenience and a promise of exclusivity.

Render (posted on 26-June-2013): Originaly shared by IDBL.


26-Feb-2013 Updates by Rockstar


Pakistan Zindabaad!
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Progress was stalled on this project for about 2-3 months due to technical and crane fault. Things are moving briskly now.

April 16th by Rkhan


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Imperial Developers and Builders (Pvt) Limited (IDBL)

The proposed project is the construction of a 30 storey LEED certified commercial building in Karachi, the commercial hub of Pakistan. The development called Mega G4 Corporate Office Tower will have a total gross built area of 485,000 sq ft, with total rentable area of 247,000 sq ft. The building will have nine parking floors (400 parking spaces), three floors of flexible multi-use space and fifteen floors of office space. The building will be the first LEED certified construction in Pakistan with energy efficient features, reduced CO2 emissions and improved indoor air quality.

Please note the 3 floors not accounted for will be 2 mechanical floors and one building management floor

Expected Development Impact according to IFC:
- Improving business infrastructure: The availability of a true Class-A office building in Karachi will support both local and international businesses in the city.
- Increased employment: The Project will create new direct and indirect employment opportunities. Temporary employment will be provided to local labor during the construction phase.
- Demonstration effects: Project success would encourage other companies pursuing investment opportunities in Pakistan. The IFC investment will demonstrate to other financial institutions that providing long-term funds in the country is possible and should be pursued.
the above is from the IFC website
Links below for more information to International finance corporation website

We the developers of the building hope this is helpful to those of you seeking more information.

We will keep updating as the days go on till the project is completed
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