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A few things to note; there are two major air fields you can see. The thing is the larger one isn't the international airport then what is it a military airbase? If I'm not mistaken wasn't Karachi planning for a seperate domestic airport and an international airport?
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Another thing for a city with +10 million would this photo be considered as urban sprawl? Seems like the city has done a good job in preventing urban sprawl then again I have no clue what to base it on; this is just my personal opinion.
Karachi is Huge !
is that of lots of little pictures put together? man that is one massive pic.
I've heard, Karachi is the world's fifth biggest city.
But what's the actual population; the cencus puts it at just over 10 million but locals say its well over 15 million!]

Whatever it may be this is one hell of large a city!
at present its #11 and lahore is #27 and by 2015 Karachi will be #3 (#1 Mumbai, #2 Kolkata) and Lahore will be #7.
BTW have u ppl seen the population of Lahore and Karachi on Emporis, its hilarious.

Lahore only has around 5.5 million at the moment. Where is the link to this list by the way...
i saw the report in a newspaper, it was by a private company, according to it the population of Karachi is 12.2mn and Lahore is 8.4mn, Lahore had a population of 6.3mn in 1998, Karachi was 9.34mn then.
wow, pak cities grow fast, pak need to do suttin to control the pop, i mean at the mo they cant provide education and employment for everyone, imagine if the pop goes to like 250 mn, which is the estimate for 2050.
nice, but for a its huge size, karachi really lacks good skyscrapers

nice pictures of Karachi but are you sure that Citi bank pic is from Karachi? Dhaka has the identical building under construction. It is going to be the head office of the City Bank Limited. It would be a 30 storied building in Dilkusha, Motijheel area. Perhaps a mixup of some sort. Very impressive buildings in karachi nevertheless.
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There are a couple of major reasons why Karachi (and Pakistan) is only now beginning to build more high rises in larger numbers.

The two major factors are land prices and economic growth.

Over the past decade Pakistan has experienced poor real term economic growth, which has meant that such extravagances such as large corporate HQ's were not built in Pakistan.

Poor economic growth also means that property and land prices do not increase, the economic theory behind High Rises is that since land is at a premium, it is cheaper to built up rather than out, hence a high number or High Rises in Western Cities.

Only in the last two years has Pakistan witnessed an economic recovery coupled with a huge increase in land and property prices, we are now seeing the results of this - with many new high rises projects 'taking off'.

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There is an identical building in Lahore on jail road but its not of PSO.
The building is very beautiful but not high. But we Know for sure that trends are changing.

and Zuh i think that the huge size size of Karachi is the reason for no quality skyscrapers just like rest of Pakistan. But thank God things are changing and main commercial centers are quickly developing :D
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Creek Towers - Under construction

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