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Karadeniz Coast Road

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the black sea highway will pass Istanbul in the north (3rd bosphorus bridge)
So the existing road on Turkish territory is not a motorway? judging from those pics
No we call it expessway or double-lane way. How could you differ it from a motorway? I mean many ways with the same standart are senn as motorways in Europe.

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I think he means pedestrians and emergency lines and he's right
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Well emergeny lanes exist as well. The ony difference is that this expressway goes through cities. Normally motorways don't go through cities but this one does. If you enter tje city there are traffic lights and a speed limit and if you leave it the speed limit is 90 or 110 km/h. I also asked why they didn't build a real motorway I was told that there was no space for a ring road.
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so this is not a "autobahn"
its more "Bundesstraße"?
Well "autobahn" outside cities and "bundesstrasse" within populated areas.
Well most highways in Europe have 2 lanes only if you enter the city there 3 or sometimes 4 lanes.
I don't know if you own a driver license but the bigger part of motorways in Germany have 2 lanes.
Just use google earth if you don't believe!
^^ Its true, many autobans are 2x2

Difference between autobahn and bundestrase (just like motorway and expressway) - there are no traffic lights, no intersections, the lanes in the same direction are separated, I think also they have to have a safety lane, speed limit is much higher on motorways. Pedestrians cannot simply walk up to the motorway (unlike in the pictures above)
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