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KARLSTAD | Landmärket Brygguden | 60m |20fl | U/C

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Under construction
Landmärket Brygguden
Karlstad - Värmland

Projekt Bryggudden etapp 1
Belägenhet Bryggudden i Karlstad
Bostadstyp Bostadsrätter
Antal 62 lägenheter i Hus 1 (20 våningar)
Byggherre Uddprojektet Ett AB
Ansvarig säljare Anna Jorholm, Uddprojekt Ett AB
Arkitekt Wingardh Arkitektkontor AB och Bergfjord & Ivarson Arkitekter AB
Entreprenör Byggbolaget i Värmland AB
Inflyttning Preliminärt i slutet av år 2012

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Nice, a thread for Bryggudden. Well done Ingenioren!

This week they're working with the 14-th floor. They've been raising one floor a week since they really got started but last week they had som problems with the crane so maybe they're a few days behind schedule right now.

Anyway, it's supposed to reach the 20-th floor this summer:)
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Looks like a nice location for a highrise. :yes:
Wow, the construction is going fast! Thank you for a number of interesting threads, Ingenioren. :)
Looks like a nice location for a highrise. :yes:
Yes it is, with water on almost three sides of the building.

By the way, cladding has now begun on the second floor. It's thin darkgrey bricks. Looks nice.

Here is a link to a VF (Värmlands Folkblad) article from last week with some pictures from the 14-th floor.
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Hey Ingenioren!

Is it possible to change the floorcount to 21?

I dropped by the Bryggudden showroom last week and "Landmärket" (the landmark) will be 21 floors but the building height will remain 60 m. They have squeezed in an extra floor with appartments by lowering the ceiling height.

It's a bit hard to see because they haven't changed the renderings on their webpage but if you look at the list with appartments you see that the top appartments contains two floors (19 and 20) and on top of that it will be some kind of mechanical floor (21).

Today they have raisen the walls for the 16-th floor :)
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Landmärkets 21 floors was topped out in late summer and is supposed to be finished early next year :)

Any pictures of it?
Yes box:

Overview of the whole area "Bryggudden."

Render of the building.

"Landmärket" under construction.
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I have some pictures in my phone. I will try to post'em when I've uploaded them to my computer.

Is there any easy way to post'em here?

Please explain in swedish!
Du behöver ladda upp bilderna till en bildvärdswebbplats som Imageshack, imgur, flickr, photubucket, eller något liknande, och sedan posta den länk bilden får här.
Thanks Boscorelli!

Hope this will work. This is an old proposal of the building..

I will post new pictures soon if it works.
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Use the img instead of url which you used, like this:

There is an insert image to be used when you post.
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This one is from the beginning of august..

And this from middle of july with the inner harbour in the foreground.

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I think you are using the wrong link from imageshack.

If you press the blue 'i' symbol next to the image and then either use the ready img link or the direct link and put the img tag around it then it should be fine. :)

I hope you understand what i mean? :)
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Thanks, I changed the old pictures so they would show..
Thanks for the update! The building itself is not very nice, though.
I believe it will look quite nice (and a bit thinner) when it's finished. It's not perfect but I don't think it looks bad either. I'm a bit quriuos of how the irregular facade will look upon completion.

Out of the renderings I think this is the best one. I'll try to find the other old ones and post'em (and some new photos) later. There is an old golden one which could have been nice too.
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Here is some new pictures from yesterday but first another old rendering with a model of it. I didn't find the first (and a bit dull) rendering.

Some day I will bring a better camera for the photos :)
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