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Kasbat Agadir (Agadir Oufela) / Agadir

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Some pictures of the old Kasbah:

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Very great ! I've been there in 2018, it was a mess honestly. I wish the walls will be kept well, and the visitors would keep their hands and genital organs mind you from it, I still remember the smell.
It needs a full restoration and why not a humble fee of 5dh to keep the lowest of the low from going there, they don't belong in there anyways.
Good work. Does that white coating stick to the earth walls ? I know that's how they were doing it historically but is it effective ?
A journalist talking about the late Coco Polizzi's new medina and how he wanted to recreate the Agadir Oufela's before the earthquake

أكادير أوفلا لم تختفي.. فنان إيطالي أحيا ملامحها بكل دقة كأنها لم تتهدم - YouTube
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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