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Katara Mall + Conference Hall + Hotel 4&5 * + Cinema

+ Katara Shopping Mall.

The souk and shopping area is located between the four and fi ve star hotels along the seafront. The principle idea for the shopping area is to create an open-lattice arrangement where outdoor public space creates routes and passageways through the retail area in similar way to a traditional souk.
The open lattice arrangement is on two levels and this approach creates a three –dimensional souk experience. The lattice also permits shops to be confi gured as prefabricated units and installed on site.



Katara Conference Hall

the conference centre is located to the right of the souk and between the four and fi ve star hotels. The building is supported on large stilts placed over the shallow water which separates the fi ve star hotel from the peninsular site. The stilts accommodate vertical circulation lift cores as well as service ducts.The conference centre is a square building which has emerged from orthogonal urban grid of the phase 4 development. Since the masterplan buildings become softer towards the fi ve star hotel and the water park, the roof of the building is provided with a gently undulating perforated roofscape resembling a sea sponge. The perforations drop courtyard spaces into the mezzanine and ground level areas of the building.


Katar 4* hotel

The four star hotel is located close to the existing Katara development on the north western corner of the site. This location provides the hotel with direct access off the main road which runs into the Katara site from the west. Access to the hotel is also possible from the Boulevard which cuts diagonally through the site connecting Onaiza Road and the airport to Katara.
The hotel itself is split into six smaller blocks with a shared ground fl oor lobby. The lobby will be accessed from the Boulevard or from the pedestrian access off Al Yazwa Public Beach. The ground level area is punctured by courtyards and private gardens which highlight routes and corridors to the different hotel blocks.


Katara 5 Star Hotel. Doha, Qatar. 40.000m2.

The five star hotel is placed on the eastern edge of the site and set apart from the masterplan by a shallow water channel to form an exclusive ‘island’ site. The undulating form of the hotel is defi ned in part by is proximity to the seashore where the North East-South West grid established in the masterplan begins to fl ex. The overall appearance of the hotel and its cluster of smaller islands is the outward expression of the Katara archipelago –like and reminiscent of sea coral.
The hotel itself comprises of four low rise volumes set on a landscape of ‘islands’ which are cut through by shallow water. The volumes are separated at ground level and bridged across at fi rst and second fl oor levels. This approach makes the hotel light on the ground while being permeable and porous to strategic views of Katara from across the bay.


Katara Cinema. Doha, Qatar. 5.400m2. 2011

The cinema is located on the south western corner of the site where it will be highly visible to oncoming traffi c along the Onaiza Road. The cinema will this be an urban marker for the Katara development. The scale and massing of the cinema will help to reduce the impact of traffi c noise into the masterplan area. The cinema is accessed either at ground or fi rst fl oor levels through a double height ticket hall atrium space. From here access is provided to a private courtyard area which leads to the main screen room. The courtyard will be used in cooler months for outdoor fi lm receptions or outdoor screening. The rooftop area of the cinema also provides an opportunity for a large scale outdoor seating area which will be used in cooler months for fi lm screening. The rooftop space is aligned to provide sea views through the phase 4 development.


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