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Katzrin is the administrative center and largest town in the Golan Heights, which Israel captured in the 1967 Six-Day War. The town offers panoramic views of the surrounding landscapes. To the south is the Sea of Galilee, to the north Mount Hermon, and to the west the hills of the Upper Galilee. As of mid 2005 there are 6,400 people living in Katzrin, almost all of whom are Jewish. The community was planned to grow into a city of 25,000 residents. Katzrin has an educational system and academic centers that serve the residents of the entire region, industrial plants, and facilities of culture and
recreation. Katzrin is a major center of tourism in the Golan Heights due to the historical sites it boasts. One of these is the ancient village of Kisrin, of the Mishnaic period. The village was destroyed in an eighth century earthquake, but still has archaeological remains of a synagogue, partially reconstructed, and foundations of ancient houses. Katzrin is home to a kosher winery and a mineral water plant.

photos cortesy of Picasa by Elena

natural landscapes in Katzrin

the anciant village of Kisrin near Katzrin

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Someone to update photos of the city of Katzrin :lol:
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