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*note - the commentary is taken verbatim from my post on the KC board - I'm too lazy to tailor it to every board this is posted on*

This photo thread is two-fold. The first segment is the result of GRID and myself meeting up to photograph the last night of the Plaza Lights, back in mid-January. As I recall, we didn't even need jackets that evening. I refrained from posting these Plaza pictures until now because at the time I had already inundated the forum with relentless postings of Plaza lighting photos.

The second part of this exposition is comprised of photos I took around my neighborhood at dusk on May 1st, 2006. I was chatting on messenger with Thrillcekr on Monday and that conversation reminded me to get around to posting the plaza shots, so here we are. And thanks to Chrizow for giving me the idea to host the music file through my university account.

Here are the photos from back in January:

And now we swing from mid-january to May the First, in my immediate environs.

Around here are classic examples of the ubiquitous Colonnade style apartment buildings found throughout the urban core.

Whatever persuaded the landlord to erect siding on the side of these old apartment buildings is beyond my worldly cognizance:


Guess what! People here have to park their cars on the side of the street! And yet, we somehow survive...

here lies the end.
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