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A classy one, isn't it? :)

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I'd like to present you a wonderful building complex at the Baltic sea in Germany,
which fairly earned our attention in these days - I think so ;)

The impressions of the G8 summit 2007 went around the whole world,
and the whole world watched the progress in crucial questions of the
climatic protection and also the further support of the African continent.

In the midst of the clenched political and economic world powers stood
the famous Kempinski Grand Hotel in Heiligendamm at the German baltic coast.
A wonderful creation of shiny white classcal buildings which match perfectly together :cheers:

But now I should let speak the images:

Memorial stone in front of the Hotel (for Friedrich Franz I.):

The view from the sea-bridge to the Grand Hotel:

Scroll --->

The baltic-sea-bank (the Hotel is more right):

The beach in front of the Hotel:

Where the mighty ate:

Historical impressions:

The security fence around the whole area of Heiligendamm for G8 summit 2007:

Demonstrations against G8 in Heiligendamm:

And an additional nice video that shows a pursuit of the police and GREENPEACE on water among other things :D

For further information: Wikipedia article about the Kempinski in Heiligendamm

Thanks a lot for the attention and please apologize the gush of pictures :lol:

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Some scenes from the G8 summit in front of the Hotel complex:

All the mighty leaders on one pic

Bush and Angie in love :lol:

Who would have expected that? ;)

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8/10 - The inside and the surroundings are beautiful, but the arquitecture feels a bit simple for me.
This is what's called classicism - Outrageous, extensive decorations weren't that up-to-date anymore at the time this hotel was built... The society felt some kinda weariness because of the facade ornaments after they had seen that a million times... Maybe a bit what some architects state if they talk about the general public taste in modern times ;)

But I think that this complex was a quite good alternation to the usual architecture at that time. In addition, the whole ensemble is very tendencyful 'cause of the shiny, uniform color and style. Cheers. :cheers:
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