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There's lots happening in the county at the moment. We've seen lots of media coverage recently from the turner gallery in Margate and of course the dreaded estuary airport.

So if you live, work or are just interested in the 'garden of england' then please feel free to post construction projects from across the county.
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Minister opens East Kent Access Road

An £86m road is to be officially opened today by local transport minister Norman Baker.

The front bencher will join Kent County Council leader Paul Carter and South Thanet MP Laura Sandys to officially open the East Kent Access Road.

Its completion aims to help support economic growth and create jobs across the eastern part of the county.

It also means better transport links to such sites as Manston Airport; the Discovery Park on the former Pfizer site, Eurokent - a mixed-use site - and Manston Business Park.

Eurokent and Manston business parks are joint initiatives between Kent County Council and Thanet District Council that have the potential to deliver 550 homes and 4,000 jobs.

The new road was built by Kent County Council with £81.25 million funding from the Department for Transport and £5.75 million from KCC.
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Maidstone Library & History Centre. Disappointing. Wrong side of a dual carriageway with little parking, and unlike the library it replaced, just too far to walk from the town centre. I'm all for the kids play area, but it should not be in the centre and not very clearly defined. Does not feel right inside.

Maidstone High Street Regeneration. Better than most similar schemes which just replace acres of pavement with acres of paving bricks. Victoria's statue no longer marooned, and a large public area created. I don't understand why people are suddenly falling off the kerbs; they look perfectly normal to me.
Maidstone Museum Extension. I don't condem this just because it is a shiny box attached to an old building, but it has yet to weather, or justify itself. Time will tell.

Eclipse Park. Typical motorway infill business park. Probably better offices than more empty industrial and warehouse units. Maidstone is the county town, and every national business wants a branch there. This could help establish a real financial centre.

Kent Institute of Medicine. Another motorway infill site on a fairly uninspiring retail park. With more people covered by private medicine at work, it is probably needed. Rather this than another supermarket.
Sorry, couldn't find a mention of this anywhere... and since Margate is in East Kent:

3DReid-designed scheme approved by Eric Pickles

Controversial plans for an 7,618 sq m Tesco superstore next to the Dreamland amusement park in Margate have been approved by the secretary of state Eric Pickles.

The decision comes after a seven month wait following a public inquiry in November and weeks before a judicial review of the decision not to carry out an Environmental Impact Assessment on the site.

Developer Freshwater has been working with Tesco to develop the supermarket, designed by 3DReid, and carry out external alterations to Arlington House, a 1960s tower block which sits next to the grade II listed Dreamland theme park.

In his report, Pickles said that he believed the proposed development could prove to be a positive benefit to the High Street and could encourage footfall along the seafront and into the High Street. “The proposed development would, by bringing activity to the site frontage and enlivening the seafront, enhance the character and appearance of the Margate Seafront Conservation Area,” he said.

Wayne Hemingway, who has been appointed to design the revived Dreamland theme park and restore the grade II* listed scenic railway said: “I could think of a better place to put it but it’s in the interest of everyone to make it work. Margate’s on a bit of an up at the moment, and you’d hope that Tesco can play a role in that resurgence.”

John Assael, whose firm Assael Architecture worked on a previous scheme for new homes on the Dreamland site, added: “I think that this is excellent news. Margate needs all the investment it can get, and a large Tesco will do just this. What Margate doesn’t need anymore is a historic amusement park, and the Dreamland Trust and Wayne Hemingway need to address the bigger issues; it needs sustainable economic activity with new housing as well as leisure uses.”

Campaign group Friends of Arlington Margate, who fought proposals at the inquiry in November, said: “To say we’re disappointed is an understatement.”
Friends of Arlington Margate wanted it to remain like this:

Rather than this:

Good ol' Eric Pickles :)
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Does it have to be either/or though? Nope, and ignoring all the arguments on local businesses the new and refurbed buildings look bloody awful. The cheapness of that corner treatment is pathetic, and from a company that makes 3 billion quid profit a year?! Hire some architects Tesco.

The existing slab isn't great, but the jutting out balconies make it a bit different to most blocks. Sticking some cheap drab grey cladding on it only makes it worse. Are they really planning to make the whole thing mid-winter grey or is it a bad render?

From what I've read about the economic aspects Thanet council allowed an out of town mall to be built about 5 years back, a few miles inland from Margate, Broadstairs and Ramsgate which has done much to kill off each towns' shops.
I agree, the corner building isn't the most attractive. But compared with what's there, I suppose it's a vast improvement. I do think the tower refurb isn't too bad though. And yeah I think it's just a cheap render - the only render I can find.
And anything is better than whats there currently:

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Local campaign group lodges second judicial review to block Tesco superstore

Campaigners have launched a second legal bid to halt 3D-Reid-designed plans for a Tesco superstore in Margate linked to the refurbishment of Arlington House.

The legal challenge will be the second ongoing judicial review of the scheme which was approved this week after being called in by communities secretary Eric Pickles.

Campaign group Friends of Arlington Margate has already taken legal action over an Environmental Impact Assessment of the scheme.

The group said it will now launch a separate action to challenge Pickle’s latest decision to approve the plans.

Work is unlikely to be able to start on the project until legal issues are resolved, with campaign group stating it would seek an injunction if developer Freshwater attempts to proceed with the project.
Seriously taking the piss now....
Seriously taking the piss now....
Let the chav scum wallow in their own excrement then. You really cannot help some of these local interest groups of dole cheats and drug addicts and "Doasyoulikies". If they want to live in a toilet let em...
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Let the chav scum wallow in their own excrement then. You really cannot help some of these local interest groups of dole cheats and drug addicts and "Doasyoulikies". If they want to live in a toilet let em...
Is it really like that? I honestly don't know who is campaigning and the background would be interesting. What I do know if those proposals look crap - cheap and tacky. Tesco always tries it on with crap, cheap, low quality schemes and most authorities roll over. Some don't and get a lot better results. Its not like they can't afford better.
I noticed theres quite a lot of regeneration going on in Folkestone, anyone know enough to post here or start a new thread or does the Folkestone Seafront site cover all there is to know?
South Canterbury's 4,000-home planning application biggest in city's history

Developers have now lodged Canterbury’s largest planning application in history – a vast “garden suburb” of 4,000 homes.

Dubbed Mountfield Park, the scheme in south Canterbury would see the city expand by an area four times the size of the historic centre.

Corinthian Land’s proposals – now submitted to the city council – show a huge residential community on what is currently 560 acres of green space.

If granted permission, the scheme would stretch from Canterbury’s southern edge as far as the village of Bridge.

Images released exclusively to us show how the future development could look.

A civic square, flanked by three and four-storey buildings, can be pinpointed on Corinthian’s latest masterplan, also revealed today.

Alongside thousands of contemporary homes, Mountfield Park would offer shops, office space, sports pitches, two primary schools and a potential new site for Kent and Canterbury Hospital.

Keep reading
There's a couple of pictures in the article that show the sheer size of the project :eek2:

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Student flats developers to hold public consultation on ex-Peugeot garage site in Canterbury

Developers behind plans for high-end student accommodation in Canterbury will be holding a public consultation for the former Peugeot garage site tomorrow night (April 6).

Guy Hollaway Architects have been commissioned by Canterbury Student Living to develop and submit a detailed planning application for 153 student flats to be built on the site in Rhodaus Town.

The proposed new city centre complex could see the self-contained apartments being built over six floors.

he scheme also includes study, leisure and games areas at ground-floor level, with an outside cycle storage and a landscaped courtyard garden. Below ground level will see a small cinema, a gym and laundry facilities.

A spokesman for the developer said: "As one of the fastest growing, leading and most dynamic university cities in England the proposed redevelopment of the site will provide high-quality purpose built student accommodation that will benefit Canterbury by enhancing the overall quality of purpose built student accommodation available and allowing for existing homes that have been used for housing students to come back into traditional family use.

"Positioned on the outskirts of Canterbury's city walls, these proposed student studios also boast excellent public transport connections and access to local amenities.
Read more: Canterbury Times
South Canterbury's 4,000-home planning application biggest in city's history

The developers behind a massive 4,000 homes development coming to South Canterbury, have revealed the first images of what the area will look like.

Alongside homes Mountfield Park, which is expected to be the biggest in Canterbury's history when it is completed in the next couple of years, will include two schools and a new hospital site in New Dover Road.

And developers, Corinthian Land, have released the first computer generated images of what Mountfield Park will look like.

Read more:
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It's actually looking good with some reasonable density...
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Mountfield Park development for 4,000 homes in Canterbury was approved in December.

In addition...

Canterbury's Thanington Park plans for 750 new homes win approval

Developers have sensationally won planning permission for Canterbury’s largest housing scheme in decades.

Pentland Homes will build up to 750 homes on land near Thanington and is pledging to put up a new primary school and hospice too.

Also thrown into the bargain is full funding towards a slip-road to ease notoriously congested parts of the city centre.
Read the full article:

Assuming 2.5 residents per house that's almost 12,000 new inhabitants in a city of 50K.
Tunbridge Wells Borough Council New Local Plan:

I no longer live in the area but I grew up in Capel, a tiny hamlet between Tonbridge & Paddock Wood which is now threatened by a number of massive housing developments on green belt land. My parents still live there and along with all of the local residents they are doing everything they can to oppose these plans.

Support via the on-line petition would be most welcome.

Contracts have been exchanged for the forward sale of a 197-bed student accommodation development in Canterbury.

Watkin Jones, a listed developer and constructor with a focus on the student accommodation and build to rent sectors, announced the deal alongside other developments across its portfolio.

The business has exchanged contracts on a site at 57-64 Military Road with Europa Generation Student for the Canterbury scheme. Watkin Jones is receiving £19.6m, net of client funding costs.

The development has planning consent and is scheduled for completion ahead of the 2020/21 academic year. It will be Watkin Jones' first development in the city.

Elsewhere in the South East, Watkin Jones has recently secured a site in Brighton & Hove with planning permission for 186 residential units and about 21,500 sq ft of commercial space. The site is situated close to Hove railway station, as well as local retail and leisure amenities.

While the Brighton & Hove development benefits from an existing planning consent, Watkin Jones said it will re-work this consent so that the development is able to become part of the group's growing build to rent development pipeline. The scheme is targeted for delivery in FY 2022.
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