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Kenya Power Plants [Commisioned | Operational]

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This thread is about Kenya's operational or completed power plants among other related discussions.
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Sondu Miriu Hydro Electric Power Project

Client Konoike-Taisei JV
Supervising Engineer - Nippon Koei
Completion date - October 2007
Project Value - KES 2.2 Billion (US$ 33 Million)

Construction of a 60MW (2 x 30MW) Power Station that involved a run-of-river scheme transferring the water of the Sondu River to Kano Plains through a headrace tunnel, penstock and power station to harness a water head of some 200 metres. Open cut excavation and concrete works for the 3.00m diameter steel penstock line (approximately 1,000m) that leads the water into the power station Construction of reinforced concrete power house building
Construction of switchyard and 11 kV distribution line. Excavation and concrete lining of outlet channel (approximately 4,000m), long with inspection road and drainage structures, that directs water back to the river Construction of the Intake for the hydropower project including remaining river diversion works

Earth works - 460,000m3
Cement stabilized gravel - 40,000m3
Concrete works - 60,000m3
Reinforcement - 2,100 tons
Formwork - 98,000m2
Fencing - 12,500m


Olkaria II Geothermal Project

Client : Kenya Electricity Generating Company Ltd.
Supervising Engineer: Sinclar Knight Merz (SKM), New Zealand
Completion date: July 2003
Project Value: H Young portion US$ 59. Million

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Olkaria II Geothermal Project
Client Kenya Electricity Generating Company Ltd.
Supervising Engineer Sinclar Knight Merz (SKM), New Zealand
Completion date July 2003
Project Value H Young portion US$ 59. Million

Construction of a 64mw (2 X 32) Geothermal Power Station.
The project was undertaken in two contracts.

i) OG101 – Building & Civil works
This was a joint venture between Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Mitsubishi Corporation and H Young & Co (EA) Ltd for the civil and building works which included among other things, construction of a three storey high power house building, sitting on 1,200 no. piles, 24,000m2 of auxiliary buildings, Staff housing estate and a 560m2 hospital.

Excavation & earthworks works - 170,000m3
Concrete works - 35,000m3
Internal roads - 12 km

ii) OG102 – Electro-Mechanical Installation works
This contract was undertaken simultaneously with the civil and building works. H Young worked as a subcontractor to Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and Mitsubishi Corporation Joint venture who were the main contractor and supplier of the generating turbines.

H Young was responsible to over 80% of the actual site work under this contract.
H Young scope of work included:

  • Mechanical installation of the 2 (32MW each) turbines
  • Installation of cooling towers
  • High pressure steam and other piping works including pipe insulation and cladding
  • Electrical installation and building services including HT works, installation of transformers and instrumentation


Olkaria III Geothermal Power Project

Client :Ormat Power
Engineer : ORPOWER4 INC. USA
Completion date: 2000
Project Value: US$ 2.85 Million

Construction of a 3 x 4 MW Geothermal Power Station for a private power producer ORMAT Power. H Young undertook the building and civil works including:

Earthworks - 50,000m3
Concrete works - 11,000m3

Mechanical installation of 3 x 4 generating turbines, transformers, cooling towers.
H Young also undertook the installation of more than 6 Kms of high pressure steam and other piping works including the insulation and cladding.
The project took only five and a half months from a green site to power production.


Kipevu I Diesel Power Project

Client : Mitsubishi Heavy Industries & Mitsubishi Corporation Joint Venture
Engineer : Mott Ewbank Preece, UK
Completion date: 1999
Project Value : US$ 21.72 Million

Construction of a 60MW (6 x 10MW) diesel power station in Mombasa.
Civil & Building works including 3 storied power station building, heavy duty foundations for the turbines generators and an office building.
Civil works undertaken included:

  • Earthworks - 158,000m3
  • Concrete works - 15,600m3
  • Heavy duty concrete block paving for the access road - 24,000m2
  • Other works: Supply and installation of structural steel works including
  • Heavy duty Over Head Carnage.
  • HDO Tanks (2 X 9,000m3)
  • 8 No. tanks with total capacity of 24,000m3 of various media including fire water, raw water, potable water, oil and lubrication oils.
  • Sewerage and drainage works also undertaken.
The project highlight was the construction of a 50 metre chimney for flew gases using the slip form technique.


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Some interesting facts & topography on Kiambere Power Plant including stats: Will dig in for some pics later.
kisumundogo you seem to be informed on these power stations, is it possible to send us renders on kiambere power station. fact that generation is done below ground really mesmerised me about it. Any photos?
Kenya Geothermal Power.

Olkaria III - Naivasha Operational

Olkaria III is a 48 mega-watt (MW) geothermal power plant located in Naivasha, Kenya and the deal is the first privately funded and developed geothermal project in Africa. Geothermal projects avoid the need to import fossil fuels and instead utilise a locally available resource which will improve Kenya’s power supply. Kenya’s power sector is highly dependent on hydrological conditions as the bulk of the generation capacity (677 of 1,198 MW) lies with hydro power.

(Picture to show Ormat's 48 MW Olkaria III Geothermal Power Plant at Naivasha, Kenya )

The project contributes very positively to the targets of international climate change policies with the generation of renewable energy and is expected to qualify for the provision of carbon credits within the Clean Development Mechanism of the Kyoto-Protocol.

“This initiative means that the cost of power to the end user will be less than that generated from fuel oil or other alternative energy sources. This in effect will assist in holding down the cost of electricity to consumers as well as for the industry,” Tony Lea, Chairman of the EAIF comments.
Nice video Amboseli.^^
Kenya's geothermal energy sector on German TV-Deutsche-Welle.

Published: Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Aggreko Wins 60 MW Plant Contract for Western Region

Aggreko, the UK emergency power producer, has won the contract to set up a 60 megawatt plant in Western Kenya that could alleviate the plight of industries subjected to power rationing. Aggreko is expected to set up generators by the end of October at Muhoroni area. "They submitted $16.22 per kilowatt hour per month, compared to $21/kwh quoted by the second lowest bidder," said Energy permanent secretary Patrick Nyoike.

He said the company, that has been in Kenya since the year 2000 when the first emergency generators were deployed, would also lower the capacity charge of $21 per kilowatt hour on the old contract signed in 2006 for which 60 megawatts are presently being generated.

KenGen is expected to commission two gas turbines with a capacity of 60 megawatts that were being relocated from Mombasa at Nairobi's Embakasi area. KenGen managing director Eddie Njoroge said the company was generating 8.2 million units pf electricity per day, down from 12 million during peak production because of the drought that has occassioned the rationing.
"The dams are currently six meters below the spilling level of 1056.5 meters. We will stop generating when the dams drop to the minimum level at 1037," said Mr Nyoike.

Supply could however be boosted with the expected resumption of the Turkwell plant with a capacity of 53 megawatts from routine maintenance in three weeks. Besides the planned repairs at Turkwell, Kipevu I, Olkaria 1, IberAfrica, Orpower IV's Olkaria plant and Mumias are producing below normal levels because of repairs.

That has seen thermal plants step up production with Aggreko's load factor now between 73 megawatts and 83 megawatts compared to between 50 megawatts and 64 megawatts in the first week of June.

"Thermal IPPs now contribute 32.5 per cent of total available capacity," said Kenya Power managing director Joseph Njoroge. Oil marketers with bulk supply contracts with the generators say they have raised complimentary imports of diesel and fuel oil while others are angling for fresh supply contracts.
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