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Hey Guys,

1.The Kenyan forum is primarily for project updates (Roads, Buildings, Dams etc) , so ideally we all come here to either update threads or catch up on construction progress.

2.Free/open discussion is welcome and actually encouraged if its directly related to the project thread/thread topic, an occasional side bar that deviates a bit is OK as long as it doesn't derail the thread.

3.Moderators curate threads to ensure there's a balance between sticking on topic and free discussion, so once in a while posts that aren't project updates are edited or deleted to ensure the quality of discussion isn't compromised.

4.Insults, an overly aggressive tone and constantly politicizing projects isn't allowed in this section.We have a politics section where you can discuss those issues freely.

5.If you think a post on a thread, or a private message sent to you breaches forum rules you can report it by pressing the three little dots on the top right of the post and selecting report post.To report a private message click on the report button below the message

What do I do if my post is edited or deleted?

You are free reach out to the moderators to ask why a post was removed through private messaging, reposting deleted comments isn't allowed.The current section moderators are:

@SE9 , @Kenyan_yungin

One team

At the end of the day from my experience, most of us are genuinely interested in following up on projects and developments going on in the country and I believe the mods are too, so I personally try to have that in mind before taking any action.Lets try and understand that in most cases mods are also doing what they believe to be best for the forum.

Unfortunately, once in a while we will have a situation where someone tries to push the limits too far, which could lead to warnings or in a bad case of repetitive breach of rules, a temporary or even permanent ban.I don't anticipate that we'll get to that point for 99.99% of us but for the 0.01%, hatutasumbuana, there'll be no hesitation in taking action.

Happy posting everyone, glad to have you here.
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